Check out this HOT Salamander Girl! …Eh I’m sorry, that was bad…

Hey guys, got a cool new MHFAP! character design to show you! This was a custom OC I made for a friend/patron of mine and I can also happily tell you that Adara will be making an appearance in chapter 2 of MHFAP! It was thanks to a very generous donation that this will happen(I gotta make money from this somehow : P ) but honestly I would have likely included her in some form eventually as I really like the character design. But now she’ll get her own sex scene! 4-5 pages, at that! She’ll also be getting a SexDex entry but to save me some time my friend has allowed me to put off doing that until the end of chapter 2. Can’t wait to see that sexy Salamander girl go crazy on the Hero’s dick, hehe!

So what are Salamanders going to be like in the MHFAP! world? Fairly different than you’d expect I think. Don’t consider this following info canon since it’s yet to be put in a SexDex but here’s my current thoughts!

I was thinking that Salamanders are really chill and docile when unprovoked but the more heat they let out the wilder and crazier they get until they either physically exert themselves or cum, at which point their fire fizzles out all over their body and only smoke comes out. They’re really easy to set off, too, like you could be having a regular conversation with a Salamander only for her to snap and start heating up.They also can control their flame’s heat and I was thinking that being warmed by it has an aphrodisiacal effect and it sends her partner into a heat. It’s used to trap their ‘prey’ and get them into the mood by jumping on them and then bursting out their fire more on top of them

Hope you like those ideas! And of course, I hope you like this lovely Salamander Girl!


I recently made a pinup of Tattoo’d goddess Hayley B. Go check that out, it came out really hot!

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