The First of Hopefully Many MHFAP! Fanart Contests Begins Now!

Time for an exciting announcement! To celebrate the fact that the main comic is back on track and things are looking up, I think it’s time to do something I’ve wanted to do for quite a long time. A fanart contest for my comic with $$$ prizes!! Let’s get into the details.

If you’re a fan of my comic then you’re already more than familiar with Tali, one of my main characters and arguably the ‘main’ heroine by de facto since she’s the first Harem member. This fanart contest will be solely focused on her.

Here’s a gallery featuring some references of her as well as detailed tips and a tutorial on how to draw her wings.



Just a disclaimer thingy I want you to know. I will wanna post entries across my multiple social media accounts. Specifically I’ll be retweeting them, and then posting them on my FurAffinity and Patreon. You will all be credited, sourced and linked to wherever the heck you want. Hopefully it helps!

So yeah obviously just make sure you’re ok with me sharing your work.



The prizes are as follows-

1st Place, $125
2nd Place, $60
3rd Place, $40
4th Place, $25
5th Place, $10

Paid through PayPal so make sure you got one.

Deadline is a month from now, submission ends 4/22/2020 and the winners will be announced 2 days later on 4/24/2020.



Listen up!

  1. Follow me on Twitter @PunishedKomics and make sure to tell me you’re going to enter! By the by, don’t unfollow me after the contest because I’d VERY much like this to become a monthly thing.
  2. Retweet the announcement Tweet.
  3. Post your entry or DM it to me, but be sure to do two things. @ me so I see it, and mention it’s for the contest/link my comic in your post!
  4. Optional. Join the MHFAP! Discord and post it in the #mhfap-fanart-and-commissions channel!



There’s no committee of judges or anything, this is going to be solely judged by me but if things are EXTREMELY close I’ll probably confer with some close friends. But what I’m getting at is the more in-character Tali is, and the more it aligns with my personal tastes the more I’ll like it.

So people who’ve actually read my comic will likely have an advantage but I don’t want you to feel like I’m only going to pick a fan of mine or anything- if you haven’t read MHFAP! And don’t want to, you are still allowed to enter by all means!

I won’t be giving any help to anyone to make sure it caters to my taste or whatever, as that’d be unfair.



And lastly just a few things I don’t want to see. For the most part you can draw anything you want as long as it’s Tali but there’s an extremely small list of things I don’t want to see.

  1. NO GANGBANG PICs. MHFAP! Is a harem series and I’m not interested in seeing them with any male besides the protagonist, who is canonically the only make in existence. Here are a couple of references of him for you to use if you intend on your art being sex!
  2. No extreme fetishes, just vanilla stuff please. If you have to ask if it’s ‘too dirty/weird’ then it probably is.
  3. No futa versions of her. Not my thing.


Nothing really. Go draw that filthy fowl and whether it’s lewd or not make the best art you can!! I really wanna do more of these so hopefully we get a lot of good entries that justify more in the future!