Creepy monster girl? I don’t see a problem with that!

Introducing another MHFAP! OC, Malice the Boogieman! Why Boogieman? I was trying to think of one that wasn’t already done. Don’t think I’ve seen one quite like this before! Even a creepy monster girl is a good monster girl. At least to me anyway! Malice is a pretty naughty girl, and you’ll find out more in her SexDex entry. I do love girls in some sexy fishnet, wouldn’t you agree? I also have a very sexy pinup of her to share! Her owner is a long time friend of mine. He’s been supporting me nearly ever since I first started drawing hentai. Was happy she could go to a good friend of mine who will treat her right! I do so love spreading my monster girls across the web and seeing people do things with them.

A funny thing happened though. Someone else saw my design for Malice after she got bought. He wanted something similar so I made him Vex the Reaper. Vex is great and all, but then I made the weekly Patreon SexDex a Witch… and, well, it led to three girls back to back all in goth style! I wasn’t thinking when I did the witch, haha. Usually I always try and mix things up… I love goth girls a lot though so it’s only natural that it show up in my hentai. I don’t particularly think I’m that good at drawing that fashion sense though.
If I had time to practice one of the many things I’d be studying is more fashion types. I want to be able to draw any kind of clothes I can imagine.
Sometimes I find myself limited with what I can design and it depresses me. Ah well, enjoy the creepy monster girl!


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