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So I previously only shared the lore documents I wrote via Google Drive, but I don’t think that was a very good idea since I can’t like actively link anyone a place where they can binge all the current lore at once. Sooooo I’m gonna put it up on the site. Later, when I’m not busy, I’ll also upload more of them and then make a page where you can see all of them at once.


MHFAP! is an ongoing story, and certain details of this document may be changed in the future. Most of it won’t be. But I want to at least mention the possibility in case I end up contradicting myself in the future. I’m only human, and sometimes better ideas come along!

Port Glimmer

A shining resort city built on a beautiful coast. Belongs to Gloriana the Golden Dragon, of the Fair Four. Monster Girls from all over the MHFAP! World flock to this city for its unique appeal of being one of the few, true places in the entire world where anything goes. No laws. No Erinyes. No Queen Mother. Only over-indulgence.

Of special note is that Port Glimmer is home to the world of MHFAP!’s biggest form of entertainment, the Arena, where Monster Girls of all shapes and sizes flock to earn glory in both normal and sexual combat.

Primary Inhabitants

Due to its nature as a vacation destination and the cost of living being absurdly high here, only the wealthiest of the world’s elite live permanently in Port Glimmer. Also, as a city created and maintained by a single Dragoness and her whims, the city of Port Glimmer is staffed primarily by Kobolds as far as the eye can see. Many of them are slaves purchased by Gloriana, while plenty more have long since paid off their debts and bought their own freedom yet remain in Gloriana’s employ simply because Port Glimmer is one of the most profitable places in the world to be a Kobold.

Beyond the elites and the Kobolds, only Arena Competitors tend to live in the city long-term. Their room and board are provided for in dormitories of varying quality depending on the athlete’s skill and match results. Since Port Glimmer is the city of splendor, even the lower ranking dorms are fairly nice places to live.

Physical Description

A gaudy and bright town, with an equally shimmering coast line to boot. There are an endless number of unscrupulous casinos, bars and brothels, and illegal hentai and sex toy shops scattered across the city and all of them are strung up with lights advertising their wares. The streets are always bustling with drunk and lascivious monster girls, but at night the city truly becomes alive and an aura of sin and debauchery wafts pungently throughout.

There are two main buildings that represent the city more than anything else. The first is the Arena. A massive, powerful looking building exuding glitz and glamour. It towers over the rest of Port Glimmer as a striking reminder that beyond the sex, beyond the gambling, this is what you’re here for. Combat entertainment that you can’t get anywhere else in the world.

The other notable building is the slightly smaller yet equally stunning Palace of Gloriana. It is a testament to her ego and self-love, full of golden statues of herself, and numerous pieces of art depicting her and her beauty. It is also a major tourist attraction, as any visitors to Port Glimmer are allowed to enter the palace and gaze upon her beauty in the throne room, free of charge. Yet many are so compelled by Gloriana that they make an offering to her on the spot as thanks for allowing them to meet her.

The Palace takes the place of her traditional lair as a Dragon, and while unconfirmed it’s believed that deep within the Palace lies Gloriana’s Vault. Allegedly the world’s largest Dragon Hoard, its contents are mythical in proportion.

Lastly, Port Glimmer is, well, a Port. There are docks for trading ships, coastline hotels, and more importantly, a beautiful beach stretching as far as the eyes can see.

Relationship with the Erinyes

Extremely fucking poor, to say the least. The hatred they share for each other is mutual.

For the Erinyes, they hate that Port Glimmer is a direct contradiction to everything that their order, and even the Queen Mother herself, stands for. Yet they are powerless to do anything about it because of the ancient agreement that after the war against Mankind the Fair Four and their descendants would be allowed to rule their own territories completely independent of the Queen’s rule.

Before Gloriana the relationship between the Erinyes and the previous Golden Dragon, Gloriana’s Mother, was fairly positive. Her territory was small and existed only as a mountain range typical of any old Dragoness. But the current Fair Four member was completely uninterested in staying cooped up in her mountain of gold forever and she had great ambitions, and ever since the creation of Port Glimmer there have been a never ending stream of conflicts between the law and the newly formed entertainment capital of the world.

Port Glimmer, on the other hand, naturally despises the Erinyes for attempting to lower its profit margins by controlling what they can and can’t do. It’s true that they are independent from the Queen Mother’s rule… yet it’s an independence that is constantly under scrutiny. The fact of the matter is that the other territories run by the remaining three members of the Fair Four, the Withered Wastes, the Pearlescent Abyss and Skyhome, all respect the Erinyes’s wishes and maintain a rough approximation of the Queen’s more important laws. Port Glimmer is the only one to defiantly say ‘fuck that’ and primarily do its own thing.

Funnily enough, Port Glimmer’s relationship with the Erinyes is also somewhat dependent on them. Being the biggest vacation resort in the entire world, soldiers on leave are extremely attracted to Port Glimmer and a chance to give up all the stuffy rules for a few weeks before they have to go back and act all prim and proper. Even the upper echelons of the Erinyes understand its uses as a tool to relieve their ranks of stress, which makes their power dynamic as complex as it is profitable.

One particular annoyance is that juuuust outside the city limits at most exits there are Erinyes checkpoints where many tourists leaving the city are frisked for illegal substances, so any monster girl is advised to have their purchases delivered to their home via Harpy Delivery lest they risk legal consequences of being caught with phallus shaped sex toys or illicit hentai material.

Level of Technology

Much lower than Port Glimmer would like it to be. They have fancy things like slot machines, spotlights for the Arena, and many marvels and fancies that one can buy, but one of the only restrictions placed on the city is the limitation of certain technologies that, if spread, would create a revolution.

You see, the Arena is a spectacle. Something that can only be seen in person because the world of MHFAP! Is limited to print media. Port Glimmer, actually, has created a way to share the matches of the Arena the world over by recording the battles with magical cameras and inscribing the data onto small discs, which can then be replayed using another contraption.

If released, this technology would be reverse engineered and quickly put into the hands of the populace. Something the Erinyes can NOT abide by- because a population that can create video evidence of the violence inherent in the system and the injustices committed by the authorities is much harder to control than a population who can only express themselves via print media.

So Port Glimmer finds itself in a frustrating position- they are sitting on technology that would bring unprecedented wealth to their city. By selling recordings of Arena matches as well as the machines required to play the discs, an absolute fortune could be made the world over. Unfortunately for Port Glimmer, the Erinyes will only allow old matches to be viewed in theatres rather than purchased and taken out of the city.


As stated before, Gloriana’s mother kept to herself as most elitist and smug Dragons do, and her territory extended only to the Golden Mountains and the surrounding lands that she called home. Gloriana is not her mother. Upon the death of her mother roughly 2,000 years ago, Gloriana was given the position of Fair Four and quickly set out to create a brand new territory for herself to properly match her ego’s desires.

This Dragoness wanted more than extravagance, she wanted a city of such astonishing self-indulgence and splendor that the rest of the world would be forced to look away less they fear going blind by its brilliance. Funding it was simple. She was already the Dragon with perhaps the world’s largest treasure hoard, and Dragons naturally employ Kobold slave labor… So over hundreds and hundreds of years and many expendable Kobolds later the city has prospered and evolved to fit the many whims of its temperamental Dragoness creator.

The turning point in Port Glimmer’s history that truly elevated the city into Gloriana’s dream come true was the creation of the Arena about 1,000 years ago. It became the stuff of legends and added a truly special appeal to Port Glimmer that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Sure, many cities host their own similar combat shows in smaller, less impressive Arena’s, but the difference between them is that of a sleazy casino on the side of the road vs the most grand and glorious of the Vegas Strip’s choices.

Now, 2,000 years after its founding, Port Glimmer has become one of the most important cities in the entire MHFAP! world, with visitors coming in from every corner of the world and even from other realms and planes of existence.


Spend, spend, spend. Port Glimmer is a city of constant spending and you can’t go five steps without running into temptation. The more money you have the more respected you are, but the second the city chews you up and spits you out, you’re done. Port Glimmer has no use for the poor and they are quickly escorted outside the city.

The wealthy elites look down at the rabble from their socialite parties, extravagant gambling halls and laugh. It’s possible to make a fortune in Port Glimmer, sure, but for the most part the money only flows upwards. All of the elites who run their own businesses within Port Glimmer must pay a tax to Gloriana, though.

Since Port Glimmer does not have many permanent residents, the only thing close to an actual local culture is that displayed by the Kobolds ‘employed’ throughout the city. Many of them are descendants of the ones who built the town, and are disillusioned by their status as ‘the help’. Often treated as second class citizens even by the tourists, they spend their days cooking, cleaning, building and maintaining the overall city. Every day going to bed knowing they were the ones who truly created this city, made it prosper, yet are being paid no dues.

Kobolds see Port Glimmer as a double-edged sword. On one hand Gloriana is a fair, if demanding, mistress. If a Kobold were to become a slave Port Glimmer is without a doubt seen as the most enticing ‘choice’, if given one. Unlike almost any other Dragoness, Gloriana allows them to earn the tiniest of wages which can then be spent on slowly buying back their freedom, or, wasted away on gambling, sex and booze, thus deepening their debt to the golden city. The greatest benefit towards being a slave at Port Glimmer is that they are allowed to earn tips from the many tourists and patrons which only accelerates the path to their freedom.

Some Kobolds even voluntarily pre-maturely sell themselves to Port Glimmer to escape the chance of being eventually sold off to a much less attractive buyer.


Port Glimmer is centered around a singular person, Gloriana, and her whims which can easily be influenced via tribute from the wealthy elites. She rules with a golden claw, throwing money around here and there to satisfy herself and her high spending friends, and leaving the hard work to someone else.

The actual running of the city is managed, of course, by the smartest Kobolds money can buy. They argue and debate over policy and governing day in and day out while also being tasked with the unenviable responsibility of managing the city’s relationship with the Erinyes.

The Arena

The Arena is the focal point of the entire city. All roads lead to it, it can be seen from everywhere in the city, and advertisements for matches, athletes and merchandise cover the cityscape. The slogan, ‘It’s what you’re here for.’ is beyond apt.

Created 1,000-ish years ago by Gloriana’s whims, who decreed there wasn’t enough violence in her city, it became the stuff of legends shortly after and now everyone wants to see it once in their life. For those who can’t, magazines are sold in all major cities detailing the latest matches, interviews with competitors, and offers on special promotions meant to entice readers to give up and just come to Port Glimmer already.

Combat takes place on every floor of the multi-layered building, the higher up being the more important rings. At the very top of the Arena lies an extravagant open sky coliseum where Gloriana, when present, watches from a special podium as if she were a true Goddess. Doing battle at the sky top ring and being seen by the Dragoness herself is considered the highest honor a fighter can ever earn, but the road here is a long and winding one.

There are two formats of combat.

1, Vanilla, where the two competitors go head to head without any funny business. This is akin to a mix of the costumes, showy storylines and over-the-topness of pro wrestling mixed with the actual combat of Boxing and MMA.

2, Unlimited, where the matches take on a much more sexual nature and anything goes. It still features actual combat, but it’s punctuated with groping, teasing, rough play In Unlimited it’s customary to sexually dominate the loser, and denying her sex is a grave insult. Since Port Glimmer does not follow the rules of the rest of the world, where dildos are prohibited, many of these victory fuckings are facilitated by a strap on*. Rows upon rows of tourists gaze on in astonishment, collectively masturbating in public as they finger their pussies chanting to themselves over and over again ‘God I wish that were me…’.

*I mentioned before that magazines of the Arena are spread throughout the world. Any such usage of phallus-shaped sex toys is omitted and never mentioned.

In both formats fights are not staged. They play up storylines and act all fun for the audience, but the results are far from determined.

The athletes themselves are able to become rich and famous through their battles, and become celebrities in their own right. This brings in a never ending flow of would be hopefuls from across the lands, who after proving their worth, are allowed to start in Vanilla matches on the lower flows before slowly climbing their way up to Unlimited and hopefully to stardom.

The Erinyes may begrudgingly accept the many misdoings of Port Glimmer and allow their ranks to visit on leave, an Erinyes officer caught participating as a fighter is immediately expelled from the order. If she were to leave the city she would be charged with all sorts of bullshit, but the main one being ‘intent on future usage of phallus shaped object’. The rest of the goings on in Port Glimmer are on a don’t ask don’t tell basis but fighting in the Arena is all but screaming to your superior officers ‘boy I wish I could get fucked by a strap on’.