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Let me introduce you to Borklunde! This one is uh. Yeah. A bit dark? But I wanted to showcase how fucked up things can be under Erinyes rule and figured this would be a good way to do it. Enjoy.


The home of all Dog girls. A large city torn apart by two dramatically conflicting realities. A beautiful paradise on one paw, an authoritarian rule by the Erinyes coupled with an industrialist hellscape on the other. Borklunde is a bipolar city with its populace caught in the middle.

Primary Inhabitants

Obviously, Dog girls. Dogs of every breed are bred and raised by their Erinyes handlers here. Dog girls of all shapes, sizes and colors can be observed here, happy and living carefree lives… for the most part. The only other inhabitants are the varied Erinyes officers present- many of which themselves are dog girls who were born in Borklunde. There is no tourism in this city, and even if there was, no one would want to.

Physical Description

Endless green fields stretch on for as far as you can throw a stick, and then some. Quaint little doggy houses litter the landscape and the luckier of Borklunde’s population call this grassy paradise home.

The urbanized center of Borklunde is a stark contrast with the domestic fields circling it. Giant, bleak kennel shaped buildings rise into the skies and multiple factories producing doggy toys, treats, and goods for Femmopolis exhale thick smoke that lingers around the city, assaulting the senses. Within this city is also a very large central office for the Erinyes.

A massive fence surrounds the entirety of Borklunde and the only entrance is a massive gate to the south. There are several large dog-houses near this fence- the homes of the ruling class. Living the furthest away from the center of the city and getting relatively clear air is one of the many privileges they are granted, yet they still are in clear view of the fence and thus reminded of their oppression.

Relationship with the Erinyes

Subjugation. The Erinyes IS Borklunde and there’s no other way about it. They control the city at every single stage, the ruling class of Borklunde serving an entirely surface level purpose. Dogs who bark on command to pacify the public. The details of the Erinyes’s meddling in Borklunde are specified in greater detail in both the History and Culture sections below.

Level of Technology

Industrial, though it was all brought in through the Erinyes officially and none of it was created explicitly by engineering doggos or anything. They have factories and decently teched-out breeding facilities. As Dog girls are extremely easy to keep satisfied they are very, very low tech by themselves requiring little more for their happiness than shelter, food, toys and company.


After the Sexaclysm 4,000 years ago, the various Beast Girl species were given territories to call their own as a reward for their service during the eradication of humanity. While the Neko Girls were given Mewtopia, Dogs and Wolves received a beautiful grassland that became Borklunde. For the first several centuries, their home was just as much of a paradise as Mewtopia was for Cats, but things began to change as the Queen Mother became more reclusive and the Erinyes started acting more in her name.

The Wolves could smell this stink of betrayal long before it happened. They left their more trusting, simpler cousins behind to go and live in the wilds. The remaining Dogs were none the wiser as Erinyes interference in their home became more and more rampant. First the fence came, which the Dogs weren’t too thrilled about, but hey. Borklunde was a paradise. Why would they want to leave? And sure, it was a little confusing then they were given collars and the fence became electrified, but they trusted their Erinyes friends without realizing that they were very quickly turning into their masters.

Things only got worse as the breeding mills were established, and the Erinyes base, but as soon as the factories were built and operating escape no longer became an option. Their Erinyes handlers had the Population properly trained and addicted to receiving treats and essentially coerced them into cheap, practically unpaid labor. While some important things for the rest of the world are made in the factories, like easily assembled furniture or processed raw materials, the most important export of Borklunde is, well, Dog girls.

Just like humans used to engineer new breeds of dogs for their amusement, the Erinyes matchmake and create breeds to suit their needs as well as those willing to pay a price. The only upside to this is that Dogs girls are not slaves, unlike the Kobolds serving their Dragon mistresses. Dog girls are taken well care of when ‘bought’, it’s more like… an employment agency. The Erinyes breeds dogs for specific roles, and sells them for a fee. But the Dog girl is then employed. Since Dogs have extremely simple needs they don’t need much pay for their work and most of the dogs sold enjoy their new homes and jobs- mainly because they get to finally leave Borklunde.

I should point out that while this is better than slavery, it doesn’t detract from the insane eugenics breeding system going on in Borkelund or the whittling away at the populace’s rights. Furthermore, this all happened in the first place because of the Erinyes wanting a stable, renewable source of high quality recruits. What better source imaginable than a system churning out the most trusting and loyal recruits imaginable?


The culture of Borklunde is one flavored by manipulation and artificiality introduced over the centuries. They value traditional dog things. Love, playing, bones, balls, fetch, but working hard and the concept of ‘purity’ was taught to them. A Dog girl is praised by those in command if she completes her orders without question, no matter the order. If you’re decided to become a Breeder and live in the center of Borklunde, you’re taught that’s simply your lot in life and are expected to wag your tail as the Erinyes find you a suitable mate.

Similarly, mating with other breeds is highly discouraged by their cultural norms as it creates mutts. Mutts are looked down upon for losing their breed’s traits despite the obvious advantages that come from having traits of multiple breeds. The stigma towards being a Mutt has led to many girls escaping the city. What, you didn’t think that was possible? You see, the truly scary thing about Borklunde is that the populace could leave if they wanted to.

Yes, they wear collars that shock you if you attempt to pass the gate. But the collars are not enforced to be worn, it’s just another part of their culture that the Erinyes artificially inserted to control them. You’re not wearing your collar? How embarrassing! You might as well be naked. It doesn’t need to be enforced as wearing a collar at all times has become a societal norm.

Leaving Borklunde is also ingrained as a very negative idea for them- UNLESS you are sold by your handlers. Then getting to leave Borklunde is seen as the greatest honor imaginable. But leaving on your own and taking your collar off? Unspeakable. Therefore even for mutts who face constant teasing and ridicule, leaving their home is such a massive psychological hurdle to overcome that only the strongest of pups can manage to do so.

Why is so much attention given in their culture towards placing value to breeds and downplaying the idea of cross breeding? Purely aesthetic purposes. Yes, this artificial system of discrimination was put in place solely so that certain breeds ‘look nice and become easier to sell’.


As mentioned, there is a ruling class in name only. The Dogeressas are a collection of families that are considered the elite, pedigree representations of their breed. They are all beautiful, well trained, polite, friendly Dog girls (if perhaps a bit snootier than the commoner pups). They act like Nobles for all intents and purposes even if the power they hold is very limited. They are figure heads for the Erinyes to announce changes to Borklunde and such in a more agreeable fashion.

The Dogeressa Families all strive for the highest breed purity imaginable. Yes. There is some slight inbreeding going on but nowhere near the levels of medieval Europe. We’re talking more very distant cousins being paired up more often than not, or extremely lucky commoner members of their breed that are selected to become a suitable mate for a Dogaressa.

Mutts born of a Dogaressa are treated as scandals, their Dogaressa mother essentially becoming a disgraced celebrity who may or may not be disowned by her clan. This depends on if the two mothers intend on staying together after being outed or if the Dogaressa mother abandons her mistress, typically.

The Dogaressas leave Borklunde more often than commoners ever get to and are frequent visitors of the capital, Femmopolis. Here too they are treated as celebrities yet they are kept on a short leash and expected to return to Borklunde as soon as their breeding period starts.


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