Another picture of Patchy to upload here to the site! This one’s a bit older but it still holds up I think!

I’m about to post Patchy’s first fapcast to the site but before I can do that I need to get this picture of her uploaded! And another one but that’ll be next. This is of course after posting that newer one earlier in the day where she’s riding Hero with her tight pussy! I create galleries of the girls to serve as visual aids and to maximize traffic towards my monster girl hentai site I have them all redirect here. It helps a lot actually and I’m very happy with the extended attention my lewd art gets via this method! The structure of the audio site and the need for visual aids has really motivated me to keep this site’s blogs coming but eventually I need to expand and get some people to help me write blogs. We’ll see!

Having to write and format these blogs does get pretty repetitive but at least it should help in the longrun… Its just sad that I have to do it myself. It eats into drawing time and writing time, but like, I NEED to do it or else my art won’t get seen and I won’t make more money! And I kind of need that to happen if you want me to create more online porn featuring all of my sexy monster girls! And if you’re here, reading this right now, then I do assume you want more of that yourself. So please consider helping me out in some way! Though even if you don’t, just being here and enjoying my art helps too. Gotta keep those traffic numbers up and all that.

If you’re new here, click here for a sexy comic page of Patchy getting tricked into sex by our Hero!

This piece is a collab with DallyDonut, who colored it!


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