This one is an OC from quite a while ago so the art isn’t quite up to my current standards, but enjoy this cute lamia girl and have a read of her bio!

Thammy is one of the many monsters who live on and work at Bella‘s farm. She’s one of the most important members, too! Thammy here is head of agriculture and as such is the one who plans out the fields, the crops, and manages everyone working on them every day. She holds a lot of responsibility for a seemingly simple garden snake! She’s extremely bright and cheerful, almost to an annoying extent. Life on a farm begins early, and Thammy makes sure everyone understands that by waking them up bright and early every day. Typically at 4 AM, but the snek is known to be lenient if she catches a lot of the farm girls having sex with each other. “Just… be done by Five, alright…?” She often tries to say, though it’s a common known trick that you can lure Thammy into sex easily and thus make it so everyone can sleep just a bit longer!

Her species is among the most common of Lamia, the Garden Snake. They are entirely harmless. These noodles possess no strong bite, venom, or constricting power in their tail- but they’ll still wrap their partner up if it turns them on! Instead, Garden Snakes fend for themselves by gardening as their name implies. Turns out they have a knack for it, and many of them join government run farms and do very well for themselves in these settings! Though they are still snakes- harmless or no. Many of the livestock animal girls, and actual livestock, are afraid of Thammy at first glance until they warm up to her loving and tender personality. She still provokes a few freaked out reactions here and there if she approaches unnoticed, and Thammy wishes she could help it but it’s just something she has to deal with!

Thammy, like many in the farming life, does not agree with the use of magically enhanced crops and as such bans any such use of it on her fields if she can help it. Most experts agree that crops grown with love and care taste better than speedily summoned foods devoid of soul, anyway, so her decision is often not disputed. She herself can’t eat anything magically enhanced or grown, hating the taste. There are times where Thammy begrudgingly allows the use of magic on the fields, whether it be enhanced fertilizer or speed seeds, in times of emergency. If they have a bad year and they need some extra provisions during winter, Thammy is not going to deprive her friends of food after all!

As stated before, Thammy enjoys her open sex life on the farm as much as the other farm girls, but seems to have a strange obsession with Bella’s gigantic breasts. She stares at them often as if in hypnosis, and flicks her forked tongue at them compulsively, giving a small hiss or two that she can’t control. Needless to say, she’s very fond of Bella. Thammy struggles with Pepper a lot, but considers her a very good friend despite that the dopey minotaur needs constant supervision when working the field.

Lastly, her relationship with the Protagonist of MHFAP!. Thammy likes him quite a lot, shocking I know! As Bella’s farm is one of his all time favorite places to visit, sometimes even using it as a camp in between Dungeons, he interacts with Thammy and the others quite a lot. After hearing about him from Bella, Thammy wasn’t sure about the hype but her heart skipped a beat when she first saw Hero- not because of how hot he was, or wanting his dick (that too tho), but because she saw his rugged body… his wide shoulders… his big, rough hands… it was then that Thammy knew. This man had the potential to become the world’s best farmer! Whenever he’s visiting the Farm, Thammy tries to show him how to do farm work and explain how tending the fields works, but it’s mostly in one ear and out the other, only helping to show his thanks for letting him and the girls stay with them. Thammy is determined to make him understand the appeal of farming, regardless! She’s kind and gentle, but the cunningness of being a snake girl comes in as she tries to tempt him with kinky sex or promising fun with her and her other farm friends if he gets a certain amount of fieldwork done… her pet name for him is Farmer.

Thammy is a MHFAP! OC owned by my friend DarkPyrez.


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