Almarea the hot elf girl is both wearing pajamas while bringing up a little elf lore for you guys!

So yeah, as the hot elf girl says there in the dialogue we are mostly playing by Dungeons and Dragons rules with how elves work in MHFAP!, ok? Almarea might not sleep very much, but she sleeps WITH people a lot! I imagine she likes to watch her partner, like say the Dark Elf girl, Harna, as they sleep, somewhat creepily. I don’t know about you but if a hot elf girl wanted to do that to me I’d be ok with it on account of how damn hot she is.

If memory serves I completely improvised this nightgown for Almarea, and I think it looks really pretty. It matches the hot elf girl perfectly wouldn’t you agree? She has a really cute smile and I’m proud of how it came out. Almarea is such a fun character to draw, she and Harna are definitely some of my more favorite recent MHFAP! OC characters I’ve come up with. I hope everyone else has been enjoying the stuff I have to post of them! But be real, who doesn’t love a hot elf girl.

Been posting my work on more new sites lately, feels good! If you’re coming here from one of those sites though make sure you read the comic! It helps me a ton and directly supports me making way more sexy monster girl hentai comics in the future, as well as ensuring that I will live to draw a hot elf girl once more. And we both know you’re here for that lewd sort of ecchi stuff, aren’t you? So get reading and welcome to this amazingly sexy world of monster girls! We got fun stuff like sexy kobold ladies, sexy robot ladies, and big group harem sex scenes with multiple monster girls, so enjoy your stay!

Oh, and don’t forgot to check out this pic of the hot elf girl groping her sexy and thicc as hell dark elf girlfriend!

Almarea is a MHFAP! OC owned by Urban


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