Hiring Assistants to Work on MHFAP!


If you’re not new to my content you probably know by now that I work with assistants to help me make art faster. The more people I have, the more MHFAP! content I can create. Unfortunately right now I have no one and I don’t have the resources to go looking very much. So I thought I’d create a place here on the site that I can start linking to.

I want to build a team of several people who can work on different things in tandem, at a fast rate, frequently. Long term partnership, NOT people who can help here and there.

Quick sidenote before we begin. If you’re a Writer, DO NOT contact me! I’m the sole writer of my series, its lore, it’s characters and so on. I do not want other kids in my sandbox haha.

I am looking for two things. And if you can do both, that’s great.


People who take my sketches and polish them into finished lineart. I want people who can follow my blueprints but also bring their own personality to the sketch and not need me to hold their hand. For instance, if I leave out a certain detail like say, some of the fluff on Tali’s feathers, I want you to be able to make that decision on your own. Don’t over detail my art, but add detail where you think it would improve.


I am trash at coloring. I don’t like it. I don’t have fun doing it, and it takes me the longest out of any step of the process. More so than inkers this is the main thing I need. People who can take my lineart, or even a sketch, and color it fast, reliably and following my instructions. I’m open to both painting style and cel-shading!




HAS to be Ok with the Occasional Anthro Girl

99% of MHFAP!’s cast are all human shaped, but kobolds, specifically main character Rizl, are an exception. I don’t need artists who will tell me ‘ok I’ll do everything but the scalie girl’. There may also be a more traditional ‘furry’ character here and there in the future, but MHFAP! is NOT furry centric.

Good Match with My Style and MHFAP!’s Aesthetic

My characters and world is very bright, cartoony, fun and saturated. If you look at your art and mine and see there’s tonal whiplash then chances are we aren’t a good fit for each other haha. MHFAP! has roots in anime, so if you’re an artist more specialized in western comics, or realism and have little experience with anime and manga style, again, not a good fit. Use your judgment.

Willing to Learn

I can’t make much use of stubborn or prideful people. There will be times when I want things changed, or want you to learn how to do something I’m particular about. Generally I respect people and their opinions, especially if I acknowledge their technical skill as better than me, so I will always take your opinion into account. But at the end of the day I need you to recognize my role as an Art Director here. I have a vision and an aesthetic I want.


If you don’t consider yourself roughly on my level, or slightly below it, then I’m sorry but I can’t make use of you. Use your own judgment! I am a nice person, so if you aren’t sure, feel free to contact me, show me your art, and ask. On the off chance that you’re decent but I feel like you can improve, I will offer hands on critique and training if I feel there’s potential. I’ve trained a few former assistants like this before.


I create new content at a very fast rate. Almost blindingly so. And I’m only held back by the need to ink and color things myself. So someone who can take something, finish it within a day or so, is a necessity. This is of course depending on the piece and question and if its a huge piece I understand that it will take longer.

Reliable/Dedicated/Long Term

I know this won’t be possible for a lot of artists. I don’t need someone to be like “Hey yeah, I’m free for a bit I can do one or two pics with you!”, I am looking for people who can make my content a priority. I know that’s very demanding but that’s what I’m looking for. It’d lead to doing things with me a couple times a week most likely, which is also why speed is a factor.

I need a reliable person more than anything. I have been unable to find a partner as of yet and its like. There’s some kind of Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher bullshit going on with my assistants. I try and I try to find someone who will help me make MHFAP! the most that it can be but shit just keeps happening to them or working with them is more inconvenient than it should be.

I’m a nice boss. Very nice. But I can’t work with someone who I can’t trust to get a thing done when I need it done…

Fans Preferred

Not a dealbreaker but if you don’t like my art, my comic etc. then it’ll make things more difficult. I would like people to be familiar with me and the source material so that helping me is also part of it, you know? I don’t want to be screwed over and abandoned at the first chance and you actually being interested in my stuff is a helpful guarantee for me to feel.

Clip Studio Paint Preferred Program

If you use Paint Tool Sai or Photoshop or whatever the fuck, we can still work together! However, because of how my program, Clip Studio Paint, has many features exclusive to it you will be unable to work on comic pages with me. This is because .CSP files don’t have the same functionality when turned into .PSD’s. So if we did a comic I’d have to start it in .CSP, export it to .PSD for you and when I went back in to fine tune it then I’d be without all those EXTREMELY necessary features that .CSP has. So yeah for comics that’s kinda uncompromiseable.




You will be sourced everywhere I upload art we did as my assistant, and I’ll specify what you did. Insert E X P O S U R E joke here.




We’ll cross this road when we get to but it’s currently a hurdle. Things are weird given the pandemic so while I do still have an income, prices are wonky right now. Please don’t let this stop you from contacting me though, as I still want to build a team I can call on. Letting me know you’re interested at least tells me that I should contact you down the road! However having a team will allow me to make more content faster and thus I will be able to pay better in the future.

Payment obviously depends on how much you did, how complicated the picture in question is, and so on. If it’s a commission, I’ll pay a chunk from the payment I recieve.

For non commissions, things I draw for myself, I’ll pay what equal to if it was a commission.


Contact Me


Alright lads, hopefully you’ve actually read the whole thing and didn’t just skim to get here. I WILL be able to tell if you didn’t read it, so no cheating! If you’re here and interested still then please by all means contact me in one of the following ways.

Dm me on Twitter

Email me at [email protected]