Meet Helf, the amazingly sexy Healslime!

This girl’s name is Helf, and as you can see she is a very milfy looking Healslime! What is a Healslime you ask? That should be pretty damn obvious don’t you think haha? She’s a slime that heals other monster girls on contact! Healslimes are very smart for slimes and seek out others to help them as much as possible. Helf is by far my favorite of all the slime girls I’ve made so far!

She was a prize for a raffle I held in my official MHFAP! Discord server a few weeks back. I had prepared 20 sketches of potential girls and there were 6 winners who got to pick the ones they wanted out of those. I plan to do more of those raffles in the future potentially, so joining my Discord is a good way to be notified of any upcoming events like that! I was very happy with the results, and so were all of the winners.

Helf, like most slimes, started off very dumb before she grew and became smart. She named herself as most Slimes do. Helf was her way of saying ‘health’, but nowadays she’s completely fluent- a thing that not every slime can claim to be. Slime girls are so good, I was really in a mood for drawing them a bit over a month ago! I had made a good number of designs, I think there were 4 different slime girls in the raffle pool? A lot of them are still left over so we’ll see what ends up happening to those beautiful slimes!

Helf was won by Kemix1006, a long time fan of mine who joined the server finally to join the raffle. I’m very glad they did and that Helf ended up going to a good home! I want my slime girls to be well taken care of!

Hope you all enjoy the healslime~