Harpy butt. It’s big, it’s round, and it’s lovely!

Hey Everyone! Felt in the mood for a Monster Girl commission, so here we are with this great bit of hentai work. This is a rather well done Harpy Hentai commission I got from Despu. I just wanted a bit more Monster Girl Harpy Butt, and decided to have Despu make one such hentai art, featuring a solo pose of a Hentai Monster Girl showing her soft and beautiful butt, and it’s our lovable Monster Girl Tali no less!

I absolutely love the cute expression Tali has in this hentai work, along with the voluptuous Butt, the accentuated and romantic lighting, beautiful color, beautiful eyes, and otherwise the amazing hentai art quality Despu poured into this Monster Girl work. Very wonderful job you did there, it’s an absolutely adorable and amazing commission~

Despu is a full time college student and part time artist who loves to draw them lewds, so I seriously recommend you check out their FurAffinity page and their art! Seriously, they’re a rather underrated artist, in my opinion. Share the love, after all! However, as he focuses on college, If you plan to have a hentai commission with him, I implore you to keep in mind that he goes through commissions one by one, and it might take a considerable while. However, in the end, it is always worth it to see new art from this person. Once again, I’m thankful for Despu to make such amazing hentai art of our Tali’s butt~

Want to see more of Despu’s Art? Check out his FurAffinity! If you also have any money to spare and want a commission from someone who’s not me, he’s currently open for commissions as of the time of this writing. I’m sure he’d appreciate the extra love and attention!

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