A golem girl makes her debut, meet Servus!

This golem girl is a character I sold to my friend GroxDevlin, and she came with a Bio I wrote for her! Enjoy reading Servus’s character bio below!

Servus is a Golem, an artificially created monster made of earth and magic. This particular Golem girl makes her home in a dungeon known as the Ancient Laybrinth- which from the name alone you can picture it as the most dungeony of all dungeons. It’s a big maze with traps around every corner, one of them being Servus- the ancient protector. She was created a very long, long time ago and went through hundreds of years of inactivity due to lack of magic to power her. She was rediscovered one day when the ruins she lived in was being converted into a dungeon by order of the Queen Mother. Servus was quickly brought back to life and given employment at her home as the Ancient Labyrinth’s Dungeon Boss, since all she wanted to do was stay and protect it anyways.

Oddly, Servus has foggy memories regarding her life pre inactivity and does not know why she slept so long, why she ran out of magic to power herself, or most importantly who created her. Golems are not typically ‘alive’ from the start, often lacking a soul until one starts to develop over time, but Servus seems to be filled with a powerful sadness when thinking on this topic for inexplicable reasons. This level of emotion should not be possible from a Golem girl of her status, yet when the thought of her creator comes into her mind the emotion is clear on Servus’s face. Perhaps some sad remnant of her memory remains deep within, but is locked away for reasons unknown? No one knows for certain, least of all Servus. The only thing she knows, naturally, is to “protect my home”.

Because of her sole purpose seemingly having been made to protect the Ancient Labyrinth, Servus is initially very hostile towards the protagonist of MHFAP!. Her nickname for him is Intruder, and when he raided the Labyrinth this Golem girl gave him a very hard time as she knew every nook and cranny of the maze. Luring him into traps of every variety, creating false sense of security with strategically placed treasure chests and other goodies, few other Dungeon Bosses can ever say they are at one with their Dungeon more than Servus was. Inevitably, she did fail to protect the Labyrinth and lost to Hero in sexual combat. This too, seemingly filled her with sadness as once a Dungeon has been defeated by the Hero, its employees are fired and in some cases punished for sleeping with the Hero, often leaving on the run as criminals with minor bounties. Servus was also deprived of her source of rechargeable magic batteries, so out of necessity she comes and visits the Hero to refill herself via his semen the same way Futura seems to run off it. Luckily for Servus, this lasts her MUCH longer than Futura’s power holds up.

Still, Servus continues to protect the Labyrinth even after it loses its status as a Dungeon. Some of her newly made Dungeon friends continue to stand by her side out of respect and loyalty, and now Servus even leaves the Dungeon with them from time to time to go out and do things as friends. Perhaps this Golem girl is closer to awakening than we thought?

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