Just noticed I never actually posted Thia’s ref sheet and bio to the site here, so I aim to fix that! Here she is, another goblin to celebrate the reveal of the Goblin Slut Hut in the main comic!

Thia is a lovely goblin girl who you will all come to love as much as I do. You know the drill by now!

Here’s her Bio!

Thia is a member of Nona’s Goblin Gang. A particularly average one, at that. You could say she’s one of the moral cores – the sort that typically holds the group together, but Thia herself does no such holding. She styles herself as cool, hip, and tries to be someone that can be relied on to the rest of the gobbos but in reality she is just Nona’s gopher and she tries to ignore the truth of her reality. Like a stockholme syndrome victim she rationalizes to herself constantly that Nona treats her like an errand girl because she’s the most reliable member of the gang, but truthfully Nona just does it to mess with her.

Nona’s known Thia since childhood. After a certain incident that changed Nona forever, a young Thia was one of the first goblins she met on the road. A weak, pathetic crybaby of a gob, Nona asserted her dominance and took her into her flock and the rest was history. She currently works in Nona’s dungeon, typically doing grunt work like setting up puzzles and anything that involves heavy lifting.

In a pack of filthy goblins with almost no morals, Thia is by far the most honest and down to earth, which she gets a lot of shit for. She tries desperately to not be seen as the ‘normal one’ but because of the extreme diversity of eccentric gals in Nona’s Gang, she unquestionably has trouble standing apart. Nona loves to tease her about this, naturally.

Thia’s interactions with the Hero of MHFAP! are minimal, mainly because she isn’t paid as much attention because she doesn’t approach him all that much without Nona’s orders. Since she’s so hung up on being a plain girl, she thinks she doesn’t have much to offer him and thus falls to the wayside while he has sex with Nona and the other Goblins. That’s not to say that this little lass is uninterested in him, she actually has a rather large crush on the dude especially after his showdown with Nona. But she’s unable to talk to him properly since as a low level goblin, she’s kinda just there. Maybe this will change one day? Good luck Thia! As far as pet names go for the Hero, she calls him ‘Guy’. Because she’s very plain and unimaginative.

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Thia is a MHFAP! OC owned by UrbanWulfe


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