Dropping yet more stickers over on the main site, get a load of Futura’s first sticker!

Yes my friend’s it’s late at night and I’m feeling too shitty to do anything other than post a whole bunch of blogs to improve traffic to my humble little hive of monster girl hentai, and what better thing to post than a brand new member of the line of stickers already available on Redbubble? This pouty sticker of Futura is rather cute, wouldn’t you say? You can buy it right here if you are interested in owning this cute robot girl sticker for yourself! It sure would help me a lot if you picked it, and other ones up as well, but there’s no pressure or anything.

I’ve already posted some of the other stickers available including multiple ones of Tali, multiple of Rizl, and one earlier today of Patchy. While there’s already a lot more available on the official Redbubble, at the very least I’m making some big strides to get my site to host more of my content. I hope this is all worth it. I’m spending more and more time blogging and trying to get things just right, but it remains to be seen how much impact it’ll have in the short term. I just have soooo much content to get to, including even more stickers of Futura that it’s crazy! Surprised I haven’t run out of things to talk about just yet after how many blogs I’ve posted today… But that’s good. My main site needs more and more content, and by hell I’m going to keep posting shit here for as long as I feel inspired to do so!

Related, but if you think this chibi is cute make sure you see another chibi of Futura that my friend drew!


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