This Futura chibi is lovely, don’t you think?

Along with getting more of my art on the site I need to post moreof the amazing MHFAP! content people have made for me here, too, and that includes this lovely Futura chibi! I absolutely adore seeing people make adorable chibis of my characters- which is why I had to share this! You’ll remember this is the same person who made that chibi of Tali. MedicatedCannibal is a good friend of mine and I actually have way more chibis they’ve made for me to share with you all. Those will come here and there though, the main focus is still on getting more of my own monster girl content here on the site before I focus too hard on uploading all of the fanart and commissions. One day though I promise this site will be swimming in monster girl content! Everything you’d ever want from a monster girl site!

Isn’t this piece of art just so adorable though? I can’t get over how much I love MedicatedCannibal’s chibis! I believe I have over 20 of them still left to post here haha so you guys will have plenty of monster girl chibi art to look forward to. Along with of course even more shit from me. The future of MHFAP! is as bright as ever! I feel like a broken record all the time, bleh.

Wanna see another chibi of Futura drawn by another friend of mine? Have a look at what my friend Illunation did!

You can find MedicatedCannibal on Twitter, FurAffinity, and Patreon.


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