Revamp of an older MHFAP! OC, here’s the new design for this futakuchi-onna!

Kafuku is a young Yokai with a big problem sticking out the back of her head. It’s real hard to miss… as a Futa-kuchi Onna, she has a massive 2nd mouth gaping out the back of her skull and she struggles with the repurcussions of it constantly. You see, Kafuku has 0 control over it whatsoever. If her mouth wants to do something, it does it. There’s little Kafuku can do to stop it either besides wresting her massive tongue and trying to subdue it- but this only ends in her getting covered in her own drool. Even worse is that the mouth has full control over the hand-like hair growths so when it needs to it can completely pin Kafuku down.

What sort of things does the mouth do that make Kafuku’s life so difficult? Well, as one can tell by looking at her, Kafuku is a bit chubbier than most monster girls. This is because her 2nd mouth will eat practically any type of food it sees with little regard for caloric intake, taste, or whether Kafuku is even hungry or not. Much more troublesome is that her 2nd mouth has a high sexual appetite as well, often striking out at other monster girls at random and, barring that, molesting Kafuku herself when it gets bored enough. This is a main reason why Kafuku often goes without panties- what’s the point when her mouth will just tear them off whenever it feels like it? Kafuku herself is very timid and awkward, so she should probably be a bit thankful as without her aggressive tongue she probably wouldn’t have any game.

Kafuku frequently feels ashamed of the actions of her 2nd mouth and spends most of her time wrestling it, apologizing for its actions, and being stressed at all hours of the day about her weight.

Her relationship with the Hero of MHFAP! is one of understanding- he’s very nice and patient with her because he realizes how stressed she is at all times. It also helps that he does not mind the giant tongue and its antics, whether it’s being used on him of he’s watching it molest one of his Harem, Hero is pretty much down for it as long as things don’t get too weird. Kafuku is happy to have someone that treats her this way, and it has resulted in a rather large crush on him. Of course, the 2nd mouth pushes her to acting on it when it can, often lewding up Kafuku in his presense to make him unable to resist her. Kafuku won’t admit it, but she’s thankful for the assist. She half-jokingly calls him ‘Tasty’ as his pet name, but she actually means it as well…!

Kafuku is a MHFAP! OC owned by my friend Restless Collector.

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