Updated refsheet for Fiora, a very important MHFAP! OC owned by my friend Ryo! I feel a bit bad because I made a few mistakes even though this was supposed to be a new definitive ref of her. The branches are too low and aren’t supposed to come out of her ears, and the leaves on her branches should be like twice as big. I’ll draw them correctly next time.

Here’s her new bio!

Fiora is a Treant, a powerful guardian born to protect the vast enchanted forest she calls her home. As a tree, she has stood tall for hundreds of years in her role and has watched many new monster girls blossom to life and fade away, all a part of Nature. Behind her tired eyes lies a profound wisdom deceptive of her loving and motherly demeanor. Fiora has been through many, many things. Lovers lost, friends she failed, mistakes she’s made… yet still she stands, unbent, unbowed, questionably unbroken.

Fiora is always tired. As a large tree girl who needs lots and lots of sunlight to sustain herself, she doesn’t always get the right amount due to how dark and dense her enchanted woods are. So she must continually nap to make as much use of the energy she does get. During sleep she is still fully capable of monitoring her forest and guarding it, and will typically awaken instantly if there is an emergency. Secretly, Fiora wishes her woods were a little less magical and had more clearings where she could sunbathe.

All who live within Fiora’s domain love and idolize her as if she were a true nature goddess. She raised many of the inhabitants of her forest herself and they in turn are deeply grateful to the wise Treant, and would do anything for her. Fiora, as noted, is imperfect and has made many mistakes during her long life, the biggest of all being Rozalind’s departure and return to the forest. It must be stressed that Fiora is incredibly powerful and will do anything to protect her forest, even at great personal cost to herself.

Fiora tends to attract those broken and in need of healing, like the Iron Golem she renamed Bellerose, as well as the Hero of MHFAP! Like many others he relies on Fiora’s motherly presence for advice and comfort and the two have lengthy, therapeutic talks about his feelings. Being an incredibly egotistical and prideful person, Hero is generally unable to talk about things with many girls at all which makes his passionate connection to Fiora very strong indeed, and she loves him just as much back, however much her heart hurts as she watches him go everytime just as many others have left before. Fiora typically refers to Hero as ‘Little Sapling’ or other such things. As a tree girl, she is very tall and stands at more than twice his height.

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