Got a brand new Centaur girl for you all to meet!

This is a MHFAP! OC owned by my good friend UrbanWulf, a lovely Centaur by the name of Elinor! Elinor is actually the first Centaur OC we have in MHFAP. Have a look at her Bio!

A young centaur knight adventuring the world with no banner but her own personal crest- the flaming horseshoe. Elinor, despite her sigil and namesake, is a very calm and laid back centaur far from the intensity of the flames that should define her. She comes from Gallotania, a land ruled by Centaurs which seems perpetually stuck in a medieval state while refusing to advance past it. Of course their knights often adventure past its borders looking for fame, glory, and love. Elinor is one such knight, though she is but a hedge knight from low birth and does not serve any noble centaur. Elinor left Gallotania to make a name for herself and find her purpose along the way.

While she was born a lowly peasant gal, Elinor had always dreamed of knighthood and gallantry. Finding herself to have only a bit of talent for it she nonetheless decided to try her best at her dreams and has since been mostly enjoying her time on the road. She’s pretty awkward and meek, in an out-of-place tomboyish kind of way. Elinor is often caught daydreaming about heroic tales and beautiful princesses at innopportune moments- a habit she’s quite embarassed of. Even the smallest hint of a daring adventure will make her stare off hazily into the distance, imagining things no other would understand, before she snaps back to reality in a tizzy.

For the record, her sigil of a flaming horseshoe is not as dramatic or important as one might think. Her mother is simply a blacksmith praised for her horseshoes, and the fires reflect the forge of her family. Elinor took it as her crest to honor the one who raised her. Her other mother was not around to raise her, and remains a mystery to Elinor as she can’t get any details from the rest of her family about her. That’s not to say her whole quest is an excuse to go looking for her other mom, but if something happens along the way then so be it.

Honestly, the biggest reason Elinor left home to become a wandering knight was for the romance aspect of it. Having seen the noble centaur ladies during jousting tourneys and festivals of Gallotania, Elinor grew to have a deep love for elegant and beautiful ladies… which took a rather unexpected turn when she met the protagonist of MHFAP!.

Instead of a Princess, Elinor was lovestruck at first sight of this man creature she had previously only seen through wanted posters. His charm and elegance, according to Elinor at least, won her over immediately and she found herself her prince. Yet she treats him very differently than he’s used to being treated by his numerous romantic paramours, as the gender roles are a bit comedically reversed with this centaur knight. She puts him on a pedestal- calling him ‘My Prince’, and treats him like a dainty and delicate lady almost. Kissing his hand curteously, bowing before him, presenting him flowers to awkwardly profess how ‘your beauty is radiant as always’. Hero finds this extremely embarassing, mostly because he likes it so much and can’t properly express that. Elinor, for her side of things, is extremely awkward at it and is definitely trying to act like a cool girl but really just can’t. She has the face for it, if it weren’t so… peasanty. Maybe if she just had a few more years of adventuring confident under her hooves?


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