Some Dwarf art for all of you dwarf girl lovers!

Chapter 2.3 might be wrapping up right about now but that doesn’t mean I don’t have more Sulwyn to share with you all! Quite the contrary, I got a good number of pieces of art featuring the sexy dwarf that you might all be interested in! This one is significantly less pornographic than most of my traditional pinups but I think that’s ok every now and then you know? A little bit of variety never hurt anyone.

I wanted to draw her in a big dwarven setting surrounded by gold and treasure and I think the result was easily something I could say I did my best on. This was around when I was still coloring my own stuff so it’s very rough around the edges in a lot of respect, as I’m not a good colorist by any stretch of the word, but I did all that I could do to be proud of this amazing piece of dwarf art I made. Whew, I remember getting really into drawing this piece actually!

Sulwyn’s headpiece is something I hate drawing. I should have made it less complicated… but at least it and her hammer both make up for it by looking pretty cool, I guess… but in most cases simpler is better! Specially when you’re planning on drawing the character a lot over and over again. I’ll have more dwarf art to share with you guys soon. The rest of it is sexier than this one I’d say, this was a cooler piece that was for me rather than for you fappers out there! Unless you managed to get off to this piece of dwarf art somehow, in which case congratulations? Ah well. Back to planning more monster girl content for all you hentai fans to enjoy~

If you want sexier art, here’s one I reccomend!

Or if you want more art of this sexy dwarf, here’s another hot hentai pinup for you all featuring this sexy monster girl! And hey, one more for good measure!