Slime girl time! You knew I’d have to draw one!

So there would have been a slime girl drawing much sooner but it’s a tricky monster girl. I needed to have an idea of how to render liquid. Do I know how to draw a sexy slime girl now? Eh, it’s not a bad first attempt… but there’s a lot of room for more improvement. At least I don’t have to draw a slime girl hentai scene with no practice or anything! I love me a slime girl though, one of the most iconic monster girls ever! And for good reason, slime girls are sexy as hell. I doubt I have to tell you that though, dear reader.

There were potential plans to have a certain type of slime girl be a member of the Hero’s harem in MHFAP!. This still might happen, but those specific plans may have been scrapped. I don’t know yet! But that should show you how much I like me some slime girl. One of the main things I take into consideration for the Hero’s Harem is overlapping traits. The slime girl I was thinking of using had too much in common with some other girls I was sure of. So that slime girl didn’t work, sadly… though it’s possible I can rework it! We’ll see~
I ended up taking the last two days off. Bit too much stress going on at home is all. I’ll be right back on the monster girl hentai train tomorrow! I wanted pretty badly to stream my art yesterday but I was wiped out by the time I could have. So at that point I was just like ugh whatever. There will be an art stream tomorrow though, so follow me on Picarto! I have been streaming consistent over there again lately, and I’d love it if we start getting some new viewers. My streams do at best like 10 viewers… and come on guys, we know my monster girl hentai deserves more than that!
Oh, and as for Drippy… the name of this slime girl? Well, my thoughts are that a slime girl has low intelligence. So she probably names herself something stupid, heh. Goosh, Juicy, Drool… dumb stuff like that! Just cause she’s dumb doesn’t make a slime girl any less cute!


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