A new MHFAP! Dragon, and a really awesome one at that! Say hello to Rinara!

Here’s her bio!

Rinara is a Ruby Dragon who makes her home on a Volcano within the wide lands known collectively as the Drakenpeaks- a grouping of many mountains that serves as an informal cultural and societal hub for Dragons in the MHFAP! world. Rinara is, as most gemstone dragons, very neutral with her morality and prefers to look out for herself and her own interests with no strong feelings towards doing evil onto others. She enjoys keeping to herself and spending many a day within her lair- a large cave system within her volcano that is home to many a secret hotspring. Her treasure hoard is a modest collection of treasures, nothing too out of the ordinary for a dragon such as her.

She gets on decently enough with her neighbors in the Drakenpeaks but she has a complex about her appearance that annoys her to no end. As a gemstone dragon, Rinara is famed for her beauty and her sparkling jewels that dot her body. Dragons and Wyverns from lesser species often complement her. Being very much a hot-headed tomboy she can’t stand being called pretty, beautiful or what have you and gets quite mad at these complements, at times flying into a draconic rage if pushed too far. In this state she’s liable to use her breath weapon, a blash of brilliant ruby fire, but like all breath weapons in MHFAP! it has a critical drawback. Rinara suffers from heatflashes upon using it. The more blasts, the worst it gets and she she reddens up, sweats, and makes exhausted… yet strangely seductive faces. In this vulnerable state she’s easily taken advantage.

During their childhood, she was close friends with the Silver Dragon, Saber despite their difference in habitats, personality and element. The two remain close and Rinara is one of Saber’s only friends from the Drakenpeaks. Rinara never cared about Saber’s inherently good nature and lack of eviler dragonic traits and instead just took her for who she was, a friend. After Saber left home, Rinara was among one of the only people she kept in regular contact with. Their relationship has been stronger as of late now that Saber is starting to become more outgoing due to changes in her life, and Rinara is glad to be seeing Saber much more often.

Her relationship towards the Hero of MHFAP! is one built around teasing. As most dragons do, she views him as a rare ‘thing’ to be collected, but he also infuriates her and brings out some of her nastier dragonic personality towards him. Namely she gets mad because he loves to tease her and complement her rubies, which leads her to, well, you know. But the real trick is getting her to do her Ruby Fire blast and managing to dodge it. Upon a sucessful dodge Hero gets to capitalize on Rinara’s heatflashes by being lewd, and upon an unsucessful dodge Hero gets to capitalize on being a dumbass by being in pain. Truthfully Rinara would be harsher on him, but she knows he’s a big part of Saber’s change in personality and holds a deeper respect for him than she lets on. As for her petname, she calls him Burnout.

Rinara is a MHFAP! OC owned by my friend EchoChips

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