This is Saber, a sexy dragon girl! Isn’t she just adorable?

Newly coming to the hentai universe you all know and love is Saber. She is a Silver Dragon monster girl with all the ferocity of a full-sized drake, packed into a pint-sized body. While most dragons are feral creatures, some anthropomorphic girls exist and tend to have a bit of an ego due to their rarity. Alright, she might be a bit shy sometimes, but she gets along with everyone and loves having visitors! She lives on a cold mountain, but her dragon girl blood keeps her plenty warm so she can wear ecchi levels of clothing to tease anyone who comes by. Once she breaks the ice with new company, she often offers to help the chilled monsters… warm up.

Like many dragons, she absolutely loves jewels and finery. She likes to hoard her favorite pieces and wear different combinations of glittering jewelry every day. Dragons, by nature, are very powerful magical monsters. Their magic is very versatile, from changing the size of their wings to be more manageable sizes when they aren’t flying to vastly destructive breath attacks. A single breath can burn down a forest or freeze an entire bay! Even the small dragon girls like Saber have incredible power stored inside them.

Luckily for everyone around her, Saber is very social and friendly. She is very much a little sister type girl, as close as family with her friends and prone to tantrums when upset. Despite her innocent demeanor, Saber is a very smart cookie and knows how to get what she wants. She is, after all, a dragon girl and has the power befitting her race. Even so, this friendly, flirtatious, and teasing dragon is not someone you need to be afraid of unless you are afraid of hentai with cute monster girls in bikinis. One look into her gorgeous eyes and you will want to cozy up to her all night long.

Fear not, lovers of dragons, for more art of Saber is coming in the future. You will learn more about her as well as her girlfriend, a wyvern named Linde. Saber is one of the first monster girls in this hentai world to have a voice behind her! The amazingly talented Eromangacammy brings this diminutive dragon girl to life in spectacular fashion! Just listening to her might make you think Saber is actually in the room right beside you. As always, MHFAP! and the audio adventures rely on funding from supporters of the series. Supporting through Patreon is the sure-fire way to ensure more content is created for you to enjoy.


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