This dog girl is wearing her best swimsuit, and boy is it hot in here or is it just her?

Can never get enough dog girl, I can. Hehe. This started off as a sketch commission for Urban, but I liked it so much I elevated it into a whole pinup! More dog girl goodness for everyone that way after all, I know how you all love your doggy monster girls! I needed a pinup at the time anyway for testing a new colorist, so I went ahead and did the lineart for this and sent it off to my new friend Thrasher. You’ll see more stuff from him soon but he doesn’t really want to be credited unlike my other colorists! Not against porn but doesn’t really wanna be doing it outside of helping me out y’know? That’s ok! Just means I won’t be linking to his blog or anything when I say ‘colored by Thrasher’.

Roxy is such a good girl, she just wants to go to the beach and have a good time with all her other farm friends like Bella and Sierra and all the rest of them! I’m sure a very good beach time was had by all. Urban has a huge beach fetish and loves swimsuits so he gets a lot of his girls in them, I’ll have even more of them to post heh. I can’t judge, the swimsuits always look so damn good on these sexy monster girls! I’ve designed them for a good deal of his girls and I’m sure I’ll make even more monster girl swimsuits in the future. I even drew one of Tali in a sexy swimsuit, I think you’ll all like that very much! I’ll link it HERE when it’s been posted so you can click to see that sexy birdy after you finish staring at this sexy dog girl~

Click HERE to see another of Urban’s girls, Kessi the sexy as fuck bugbear wearing a swimsuit that can barely fit her titties!

And then, if you like kitties more than doggos, check out this neko OC that Urban also owns!

Roxy is a MHFAP! OC owned by UrbanWulf