Who’s ready for some more dirty monster girl shenanigans?

Following off the posting of that last video where Tali answered a question about her and Lovebird, now we have a question for this dirty monster girl where someone asks her something a little lewd! I’m all about hearing my favorite birdy get embarassed and have to answer something that makes this dirty monster girl uncomfortable, so make sure you join the discord if you wanna ask her similarly dirty questions!

Khianni does a really good job voicing Tali, everyone’s favorite dirty monster girl of the harpy variety, despite her anxiety on whether she is or not. Not gonna lie she’s… realllly good at being dirty haha. The way she makes Tali’s voice as she just daydreams about Hero’s cock makes me super turned on, thinking of such a good girl like that. Tali I mean- not Khianni lmao. I swear I don’t creep on any of my voice actresses and when I do it’s very sarcastic lol. But it’s always sliiiightly awkward when working with the main chars cause it’s like ‘hey I need you to voice this personification of literally everything I’d ever want in a woman and like full disclosure I’m gonna get really excited about it’… so yeahhhhh lol. That’s the curse of the life of one who draws dirty monster girl art, I suppose. But hey, it’s enjoyable in its own way!

Also, I just posted Page 17 if you’d like to go see the new content on the main comic! Working on getting the site updated a tiny bit so at least there’s more dirty monster girl content to keep up here.

Special thanks to Khianni, Tali’s Voice Actress!


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