New MHFAP! OC for my friend Dragonking! Let me introduce Jasmine!

She’s a real fun one, so let’s get straight to her Bio!

Jasmine is a mighty Green Dragon and member of Amoura’s Brood, being one of youngest daughters at 267 years old. She thirsts for knowledge, secrets and riddles more than anything else. The only problem is that as a mighty, evil Dragoness, she will do anything to procure said knowledge and to begin with her definition of knowledge can be as broad as ‘what sort of scream does this creature make when tortured?’. She is relentless in her search for wisdom and even most of her own Brood dislike her. But why is she so persistent and driven to the point of driving others away?

You see, Jasmine grew was hatched after Amoura had already raised her ‘smart one’. Her favorite older sister, a certain Blue Dragon, ruined the novelty of having a prodigy hatchling for Amoura. Once was more than enough. So whenever Jasmine attempted to get her mommy’s love by showing how smart she was, it ended up with her getting shooed away dismissively while Mommy was on her 18th glass of afternoon wine. Even though she bears no ill will towards her Blue elder sister, Jasmine’s mentality was fractured by a lack of love and she became convinced that the reason no one loves her is because she’s not smart enough yet. So by gaining more and more knowledge, experimenting, and researching, Jasmine hopes to one day gain the respect and love of her extended family.

Truthfully her sisters would like her a lot more if she wasn’t so crazy about all this. Currently she mainly gets along with her fellow smart sisters, as well as some of the nicer alignment members of the Brood who have much higher patience for her uptight bullshit and constant attempts at experimentation.

Green Dragons being primarily woodland creatures, Jasmine constructed herself a lair deep within a mystical forest and stacked it full of her favorite form of treasure, books. As a Dragon she is compelled to seek out and hoard as many ancient tomes as she can get her claws on, and as an eviler Dragon she will do whatever it takes to achieve them. Her lair is staffed by many a begrudging Kobold slave who act as her own personal librarians, and clean up the absurd mess Jasmine creates whenever she begins researching a new topic. If one of her slaves gets particularly unlucky, Jasmine will comically experiment on them. Jasmine is considered a mid tier owner by her Kobolds. She could be a hell of a lot better, but there are much worse Mistresses to be owned by.

Lastly is Jasmine’s relationship with the Hero of MHFAP!. Word got around in her family about very quickly after Saber first came into contact with him and Jasmine became enamored with the most precious research subject of all- the only living man in the last 4,000 years. As such she is bent on kidnapping him and keeping him as her personal live-in research project. She calls him Subject 01.

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