Another newer MHFAP! OC, this time an incredibly cute axolotl girl by the name of Amby!

This is an OC I made for a friend and patron of mine, and I’m glad she came out so cute! Hope to get to do more stuff with her in the future.

Here’s her bio!

Amby the Axolotl is a very strange and odd gal who does many weird things that only make sense to her. This comes from her being such a unique animal in the first place… Things like eating gravel… sucking fish up from the water and eating them without chewing them… and worst of all, being incredibly slow-witted to the point where she routinely gets in trouble for it. For whatever reasons Amby almost constantly has accident after accident that result in gruesome disfigurements (played comedically, MHFAP! is a no gore series, if ever shown it’d be censored and comedic). Thing is, Amby is able to shrug it off and smile despite it because her regeneration factor is so high. That still makes it awkward for her friends and potential lovers as somehow- someway, she WILL disfigure herself around them. It’s just a matter of how or when.

Many point out to her that if her head came off and a new one grew then she wouldn’t technically be the same person and the original would have died, but she’s like nah it’ll be fine. This has never happened before, but her friends are terrified of the possibility. Despite all this, Amby is optimistic to a fault, and wears that derpy, gaping expression at all times. Because of how mellow and chill she is, though, she really worms her way into your heart and refuses to let go.

As far as Amby’s relationship with the Hero of MHFAP! goes, it’s about as mellow as you’d expect. They met randomly when Hero and co. were traveling across her lake. She had heard about him but she’s just so mellow that meeting him wasn’t a big deal to her. Another of the rarer girls who Hero feels compelled not to tease, but instead to protect, he keeps a paranoid watch on her whenever they’re around. Sexually, Axolotls are renowned for the suction power of their gaping mouths and she also belongs in the camp of girls who really, REALLY like sucking him off, provided he can handle it. The best feeling thing she can do? Imagine sitting waist deep in water. Amby can suck perfectly underwater, and doesn’t have to stop to breathe because of her gills. Her sucking is so powerful that more sensitive girls have been known to faint from having their clits sucked by her. Her petname for Hero is audio Skipper, referencing Mudskippers.

Amby is a MHFAP! OC owned by A.Groggett

Did you see the last OC I posted? Thia is pretty important and also very very adorable!


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