Introducing Dana the Mermaid! Ain’t she lovely?

This girl is a design I made for my weekly SexDex on Patreon! Was a few weeks ago. Sadly the weekly Dex’s are on hiatus while I work through my list of commissions but that’s almost done! I’m happy to report that almost everything has been took care of. I’m going to start sketching new pages of MHFAP! late next week if my predictions are correct! How’s that my friends, you get a sexy mermaid AND great news!

Real talk love me some mermaid. Which is ironic because hey you. Yes, you. Come here. Let me whisper my secret into your ear all gentle like. Everyone’s got that one phobia they can’t explain right? Well, mine has always been fish. I hate the little souless fuckers and they look disgusting. Their eyes are blank and dead and have no emotion and FUCK. Don’t know how you people look at that disgusting life form (some of them are pretty though…). But chop off the bottom half, put a half naked lady on it with titties…? Baby, you got yourself a stew! Even better, a mermaid stew. I’m mostly past my fear of fish though. When I was younger I couldn’t even look at them but now it’s just kind unsettling until I get used to it a few seconds later.
I remember trying all sorts of colors for her hair. I didn’t want to make her look too similar to *that* mermaid… you know? The spoiled mermaid bitch who wasn’t happy with living in a literal palace getting everything she ever wanted. Shit, I’d do anything to be in that position you damn ho mermaid. Dana here is a nice girl though, and she’s very loving and gentle! I love her design. She’s one of my favorite MHFAP! OCs so far. I know I saw it a lot but I love that I get to do so much character designs for my job. Making all these sexy sweety monster girls is just A+ life. Now if only I could get more funding to do so more comfortably heh.

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