Looking for a girl to sate your cute vampire needs? Look no further, cause I got this naughty little bat to show you! Read her bio below!

Wilhelmina, Willa for short, is a bit player in the world of Vampire politics who aims much higher than she’s ever likely to reach. Coming from a somewhat notable, low-ranking aristocratic family of Vampires she seeks to raise her station through whatever treachery she is able to get away with. The only problem is that she’s not very good at scheming, and her plots are very basic at best and laughable at worst. As such, her machinations have made her a laughing stock amongst the vampire nobility, who all find themselves amused by Willa because of how endearing they find her persistence. She’s like a running joke of sorts.

While any given vampire is still a force to be reckoned with, Willa is by far on the weaker side of them. Since she doesn’t come from one of the biggest and powerful families, she’s had to make due with using any assets she can to get by. This usually involves hiring others to do her dirty work since she knows that she’s not the best person for the job.

Willa is still quite young for a cute vampire, though, so perhaps her true potential has yet to be fully unlocked?

One of her ongoing plans involves her relationship with the Hero of MHFAP!, naturally. Knowing that he’s unable to impregnate girls until his battle with the Queen Mother has finally ended- Willa acts as a benevolent ally to him when she can despite any contact with him being strictly illegal. Why? Well, aside from the simpler answer of liking his dick, she has a convoluted plan in mind to kidnap him once he’s defeated the Queen and use him to field a vampire army- an ambition she hides close to her cold, unbeating heart. She refers to him as ‘blood bank’ for her petname.

Willa is a MHFAP! OC owned by my friend Skeletonhunter96.

For another pic of Willa come check this one of her in a sexy nightgown out!

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