Brand new cute sticker is now on sale over at my Redbubble shop!

So you may have heard by now but in my most recent attempt to raise more money to make my amazingly sexy monster girl hentai comic I have oppened a Redbubble shop! At the time of writing there are a bunch of cute stickers as well as the main character’s wanted posters for sale as prints. You may remember in the past I tried to sell cute stickers, I even had them as a patreon reward for supporting my hentai comic for a while. That previous attempt did not pan out as I tried to manufacture and ship them myself and very frankly that did not go so well. So I’ve decided to work on a platform that will do that kind of stuff for me.

I know Redbubble takes a pretty big cut, but I’m ok with that since I set my margins to be juuuust a tiny bit higher than most other artists do on that site. I know this might not help my competition on-site but I’m hoping you fans of mine will buy cute stickers for an extra $1 knowing that it directly helps the comic itself. I’d rather be making $1.50 a sticker than $.50 a sticker, you know? But it doesn’t matter, they’re cute stickers and you can buy them now to support MHFAP!. I’m doing this because I really need to start setting up some sort of revenue stream that isn’t commissions. I haven’t sold any products yet but I’m actually going to focus on marketing my content like this which I never really did before. Hopefully by showing that I have some real cute stickers, you’ll all want to help support my comic so I can make more of it! Lack of money is the main reason why the main comic hasn’t updated in so long after all but we gotta get to work on that. So please consider helping me out!

Support my comic by buying amazing, cheap, stickers and posters!



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