Another new sticker is available now, a cute fullbody of our favorite kobold, Rizl!

That’s right, here’s a new post showing off this beautiful chibi sticker I made of Rizl a while back. When I was drawing the stickers to launch the redbubble store I had decided on launching it with 3 of each of the main girls. We’ve currently got 15 stickers in total right now, but this one is still great since it’s Rizl! And you can buy her, and she’ll look at you irl wherever you put her! I think that’s a pretty good deal personally. Plus you get to support a pretty cool artist I think, and I hope that would help you consider picking it up? But I digress. I’m just a poor internet hentai man and I want you to buy things from me.

Buy this kobold sticker here!

Speaking of this sexy kobold, she just had her first episode of the Fapcast release today! Episode #9 , Rizl – Shut the Fuck Up is now available for you to listen to at your convenience. It’s a really fucking hot gone wild audio experience let me tell you. We just keep getting better and better at making these so I’m very happy that Rizl is finally getting in on it. There was a reason she didn’t have one much sooner but you’ll just have to read the blog to find out why.

Art wise I didn’t get that much done today. My arm was acting up from all the strength training I’ve been doing on it and it made drawing uncomfortable so I decided to rest it and let it heal up some more. It’s coming along well though, if I keep this training up I shouldn’t have any problems in the arm ever again I hope!

Wanna see a different kobold having hot sex? Here’s a page featuring just that!


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