This Cute Gnome Rocks! Literally!

Shasta is a girl who knows what she wants. Rocks. Lots of rocks. This cute gnome might be a bit obsessed with them, even more so than the average gnome girl. She is one of the characters who doesn’t immediately look like a stripper, but this is a hentai series, right? Maybe if you show her some nice specimens, she’ll show some more skin and help get your rocks off. Even with her cute appearance, she’s showing some yummy navel. As a gnome, as opposed to the D&D variety, Shasta represents the more alchemical version of gnomes as an avatar of elemental earth. Earthen things being the root of the cute monster girl’s fixation on rocks, she has enough knowledge to put geologists to shame but she doesn’t excel in any other fields.

Shasta often has trouble fitting in with other monster girls. While many are drawn to the cute gnome, most are off-put by her borderline unhealthy obsession with rocks and minerals. She might not fit in well with others, even some gnomes, and she has trouble knowing when others make fun of her. She isn’t totally ‘there’ all the time, but she isn’t dumb. She’s quite brilliant when it comes to rocks. In fact, that is why she looks so distant most of the time. She isn’t particularly focused or determined, she is just deep in thought about rocks… very hard, deep thought. Does Kom have a thing for weird girls he can bully? The answer I’m required to give is ‘no’, but you may draw your own conclusions.

Being a Gnome girl, this cute elemental is one of two Elemental Spirits currently released, with two more coming in the future. The other spirit is Adara, someone Shasta will eventually meet… Though what else will happen with these elementals is still a mystery!

Her single-minded focus is so strong that she was originally designed to have a pickaxe, but it was changed to her current staff to avoid making her look like a dwarf. Speaking of design, did you know that every MHFAP! OC has a meaning to their name? Shasta herself is named after Mount Shasta, a volcano in the far north of California. While the large parts of an OC’s design are from the owner, everything does have to be agreed upon with Kom, since he’s the one who does the actual art to begin with. Shasta is owned by the lovely blueeagle55, a good friend and patron who owns many other OCs, including Saber!

If you wanna see more of Shasta, here’s a sexy art of her getting fucked by Sulwyn! Who’s Sulwyn you ask? Well, come read her SexDex and find out!