Do I Take Commissions?

Kinda. I’m a very focused person with very little interest in doing anything that doesn’t, well, interest me. What interests me is MHFAP! and the development of my brand, so I have a system in place that lets all of my commissions be MHFAP! related. You may have seen all the art of monster girls that aren’t Tali, Futura and Rizl. Those are all MHFAP! OCs, characters I designed, wrote the backstory for, and sold to my fans. This character becomes canon and part of my setting.

I pretty much exclusively work with MHFAP! OCs because then every piece of art I get commissioned to do still ends up helping MHFAP! as a whole instead of selling my soul to endlessly draw things to amuse other people.

Because of this, I ask that you understand when making an OC I prefer to work broadly and largely from vague descriptions- because I don’t want to force myself to make a character I genuinely don’t like and tell you ‘nah, I don’t really want to draw her again’. That’s shitty for you, and me. So to avoid that I ask you understand that I’ll keep your tastes into account and ask you lots of questions and show WIPs, but I’m not going to create a character from a list of bullet points you want.

Futher more I will work with you to decide on a species, but you need to undertstand since this is making a new species that isn’t in MHFAP! yet, I will tell you my ideas for them and I’m not likely to change them. A better example would be me saying ‘ok all Neko’s have cat noses, and paws for their hands and feet’ and you saying ‘ok but can mine have human nose and hands?’. If there’s a way I want a species to be I’m not gonna be backing down on that.

This isn’t at all to say we won’t talk about things or that I’ll ignore what you have to say, just kinda need to upfront put it out there there I work better the more creative freedom you give me

There’s a lot more to owning a MHFAP! OC, you can read the official terms of service here, and if interested in you can hit me up in the MHFAP! Discord. All people who own and OC need to be a member of the Discord so I can easily alert you guys in case of a sale or something.

Prices for a MHFAP! OC start at $50 and get more expensive the more detailed the species.

Ok I have a MHFAP! OC now, what are commission prices?

Sorry to be vague but again, it all depends on what you want, how many characters, and the type of commission. Really the most I can say is just hit me up after we already have a working relationship, I promise I’m not exorbitantly expensive or anything I’m pretty reasonable lol.

How the fuck do you survive like this?

You’d be surprised. Rather than constantly doing tiny cheap shit for people who will never buy from me again, ensuring the people I work with have MHFAP! OCs and are part of my inner circle and system pays a whole lot more. Close fans eager to support me and the like- who are in on game and know what I’m going through and working on. My point is that a small, closed off pool of people that have a vested interest in my continually supporting my ongoing work is much better (and sustainable) than if I accepted commissions from literally anyone who asked.