Finally getting up this page of our favorite tsundere kobold onto the main site! Gotta wrap up the last of the reaction saga!

So it’s no secret that I haven’t been uploading to the site as much as I should be. In my defence, the world is a pretty weird place right now, but hey. At least I come to bring you sexy monster girls and tsundere kobolds right? I know I love me some nice hentai in these dark, depressing times. But that’s enough about that. I need to just post more of my comics to this ol hentai site I run. Gotta keep the flow of free hentai comics strong or else MHFAP! will never catch on.

I’m pretty limited in what I can do currently, because of the lockdowns my colorist has completely disappeared and I’m very afraid that it might be for good… I hope it’s not but, but I will have to take up some coloring duties on my commissions in the meantime. At least the new MHFAP! OCs, I gotta keep the steady stream of new beautiful monster girl art coming strong… But for pinups and stuff, I’ll need to hold off on those since I can’t afford to lose that much time right now. At least I can say I don’t want you to be overly worried about my during this pandemic. I am still here. I’m playing games, watching sexy anime, and most of all, creating even more sexy monster girl hentai for you all to enjoy featuring tsundere kobold girls like our good friend Rizl here.

I have a lot of upcoming content in the pipeline actually, I just need… well, a lot of resources to get it all made. I think too big. I have too many good ideas, and I need to reign myself in at times since I’m not funded enough to the point where I can chase every single lead that I want to… but hey, you guys keep reading and funding my nsfw webcomic then maybe we’ll get there one day. No. I know we well.

Don’t miss the last page of this little tsundere kobold comic incase you missed it!! And if you want to read more short comics, you can see all the more one off-y stuff here. Lastly, need to learn more about kobolds in MHFAP!? Check out their SexDex entry!

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