Tali is more astute than you might assume! Birds can sense distress. Maybe? Idk, this one can though.

This is another one of those thrilling romantic moments I’ve wanted to add to the series for ages now. I plan to include lots of little individual moments for each monster girl harem member that will develop their individual relationships both with Hero and with each other. I don’t want this to just be a gag harem thing, I want to emphasize Hero is in love with each of the main girls equally and that while there’s lots of jokes there is still a very real romantic element to MHFAP! you know?

But in this page I also want to stress that Hero is a lot more vulnerable than he lets on. I’m sure I’ve said it before now, but he’s got a lot going on under his head. More than you’d think for sure. Bit by bit as we get more pages and the story unfolds we will certainly cover this and I reckon along the course of this monster girl hentai adventure he’ll change a lot! That’s assuming I get to keep making the comic as fast as I want to… but I’m… yeah. Just kinda stressed over the pandemic shit right now. I’m NOT in huge danger, my state was largely unaffected, but I’m just worried I’ll have to take on endless comms to stay afloat in these weird times. Consider helping me on Patreon, even $1 a month would help a ton. Just knowing that people care enough about me and my series to help would, well, help a lot right now. Help me make more monster girl comics and less commissions! If you can. I don’t want anyone hurting themselves just to support me. But I could definitely use it.

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