Introducing our first leading lady and member of the Harem, Tali the Harpy!

Here she is ladies and mostly gentlemen, the star of chapter 1 and MHFAP!’s first heroine. Tali! She’s a harpy who is a little ‘off’… Scatterbrained. Adorable. Awkward as fuck. Horny. But deep down, all the poor girl really wants is to be loved. I really, really like cute girls like that. Seeing them try so hard because of their awkwardness really gets me going heh.

I should make no attempts to hide this, Tali was designed to be my ‘ideal’ girl and she corresponds to a lot of my tastes. I love short haired girls. Tali is thin but has a nice ass and a large (but not gigantic) chest. Personally I’ve always had a thing with birds so it only made sense for me to choose a Harpy as this important character. There wasn’t any other option on the table, really. When I first sat down to think about MHFAP! it was immediately ‘ok the first girl is a harpy’. What can I say? Papi is my favorite girl from Monmusu, too. I made it very clear though that Tali is not inspired by Papi in any way besides the basic ‘birdbrain’ traits. Because of this, don’t expect a lot of similarities between them.

Although I say that Tali is my ideal girl I don’t want you to think that means the other girls in the main cast are less important than her. You see, Monster Harem Feverish Absolute Passion is a HAREM series. And what a lot of Harems get wrong is how the guy chooses one at the end… well, for MHFAP! it’s different and the Hero has a different romantic relationship with each of the main girls and they all share him. It might look like Tali is his ‘favorite’ sometimes, but that’s only because their relationship with each other is very romantic. I’m going to be trying very hard to please the fans of each girl and avoid my own personal bias as much as possible.

Did you see the lewd I posted of Tali, by the way? Really sexy!


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