Ch. 6 Page 2! Let me introduce the Moonstained Manor!

This spooky castle has already been referred to several times in the lore. Specifically speaking it’s the home of Levy the Vampire, as well as her many creepy underlings. It’ll be fairly important in the future. Speaking of Levy, she currently has a free erotic audio available of her masturbating while thinking about you, the protagonist! Definitely go check that out if you love sexy monster girls, it’s great. I went pretty ham drawing the background in the first panel if you couldn’t tell, and even the background in panel two is pretty detailed. I’m happy with both.

As for how I’m doing, mostly good. My monster girl hentai output has not suffered too much during the pandemic. It’s more posting on the site here that’s been the problem. At times my output can be so big that posting everything I made to all the sites I use can be difficult, with the main site being the big problem since I use SEO keywords and stuff and have to write a blog of at least 300 characters for every single piece of sexy anime hentai I upload. But it’s ok because it ends up helping a lot, it’s just I’m becoming acutely aware of my need for someone to become my go to blogger for this kind of stuff so I can fully focus on other things like drawing and writing. But I digress, there’s already only so much I can do when my budget is low. Still, I hope everyone is enjoying the ride of all my sexy monster girl content! I just wish I had it in me to keep the main site more up to date… I really, really should. But it takes away time from me drawing hentai…

Don’t forget to look at the last page for more fun, sexy monster girls!

And if you haven’t seen it, here’s a picture of Levy sucking Tali’s blood. Because pic related ?

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