We’re back, with some amazing slime sex and hardcore monster girl yuri!

Surprise. It’s not 2.3, but it’s content at least! But wait Kom, something about this slime sex is different. Did you do something to my monster girl yuri? Well, yeah. It should be pretty obvious. I hired a colorist. Meet LunarAesthetic. A new friend I’ve picked up this week who really hit it off with me- to the point where I’ve kinda taken him under my wing and am paying him to start coloring the comic?? Obviously, there has been a lot of testing his style and mine. And we’re still not 100% synched yet. But once we are the comic is going to improve dramatically. I’ll be able to focus on the important stuff, like drawing slime sex, sluts, tits, and monster girl pussies. And the biggest hassle, the coloring (which frankly I’m not good at) will be done by someone else. I’m hoping this partnership is longstanding but if not it will get me to the point where I can hire another colorist in the future. My only concerns is if they’ll be able to keep up with me.

That’s why I have them doing this short 3 page comic for a friend of mine. The more testing grounds he has before chapter 2.3 and chapter 3, the better! For the most part the reception to his coloring has been very positive. I’m still overseeing and editing the final version quite a bit though. His style is very painterly and he leaves a lot of edges and brush remnants that don’t quite look good on hentai shading- so he’s fine with me cleaning up the end file as much as I see fit. I mean he’s already been paid by that point haha!

So yeah hopefully this partnership is a good deal for everyone involved. I’ll be working on the comic MUCH faster, you guys will get pages faster, and I’ll be putting out content all the time. More slime sex coming at you soon!