Sexy Griffin comic is here to start off a bunch of new shorts!

Hey guys, got a very sexy griffin for Hero to take advantage of today! This sexy griffin is Thalia the Griffin, a MHFAP! OC owned by my friend HeraldofDisaster. Her species has a thing where they are obsessed with justice but… they tend to be easily corrupted and like lewd things. Like a lot. Thalia here is a captain in the Erinyes just like captain Kitoto from chapters 3 and 4! If you hadn’t heard, I recently released a big ol lore document that explains allllll about the Erinyes. If you wanna know exactly what being a captain entails go head and read it here!

This amazingly sexy griffin hentai comic is unfortunately about to start a trend. Not that the sexy griffin isn’t sexy, far from it, buuuut. There are going to be a lot of single page one off short comics coming up soon instead of a full blown chapter 6. At least not for some time. Early preperation for chapter 6 actually did start today but It’s not gonna have pages to start posting any time soon. By preperation has started I mean the first concept art for it has been done. No script or anything like that yet. But we’ll see how it’s going.

In the meantime, I have a lot of one off comics to post here. Just consider them filler and remember if you wanna like actually make sure the main comic gets made to pledge $1 to me over on Patreon. With how rough things have been, I really need this to be the year where MHFAP! starts pulling its own. But I can’t do that without making more comics, and I can’t do that without more money… it’s a vicious circle- but you and your pledge can help me get out of it.

In the meantime enjoy this sexy griffin comic!


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