Chapter 6 of this amazing sex adventure comic with tons of sexy monster girls starts now, here’s page 1 of chapter 6!!

Setting the stage for our new adventure, our heroes share a few words of confidence before plunging towards their first dungeon! There’s gonna be a lot of dungeons in this sex adventure comic, but it feels like a huge milestone for us to finally get to the very first one. So much happened… and I never thought it would take this long… but yeah. Hopefully we blast through this arc and MHFAP! grows bigger and bigger.

For this page you can see I’m breaking the panel lines again to fit the dialogue to the page better. I know I’ve flipflopped on it a lot but I am pretty sure I’m going to stick to doing it this way from now on. I want to format my sexy hentai comics the best way I possibly can, so it if frees up more room and makes sense then I’m not going to bat an eye about doing it. You know? But that’s the thing about webcomics. Since I’m not a ‘professional’ I have to learn and figure all this art and composition stuff out myself, and we all know how far I’ve come since the early days of MHFAP!.

Still working on getting more pages of my sex adventure comic up here on the site today but I also have a lot of art and writing to take care of. Not enough time in the day when you have so much monster girl content to oversee… it’s very stressful but I very much love running my huge hentai series! I think I’ve proved that though since I never give up on it or myself haha.

Did you miss the first page of the new chapter for my sex adventure comic? No worries! Here’s a link to the title page!

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