Another short comic, this time with a sexy scarecrow!

Look who it is, it’s Patchy the sexy scarecrow! One of my favorite MHFAP! OCs for a good number of reasons honestly. I love me some dopey space cadet girls who are fricken adorable. I’ve always had a weird affinity towards scarecrows as well. So given my habit of making everything I love sexy, it’s inevitable this led to me creating a sexy scarecrow. And I’m glad Patchy is the sexy scarecrow we ended up getting! It’s obvious that I ran with the ‘if I only had a brain’ theme, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

As you can see, this sexy scarecrow frequently gets teased and messed with by our Hero. It’s another big thing with me, I love teasing girls and seeing them get frustrated at it haha. A sexy scarecrow is just about the perfect avenue to pursue this fetish of mine if you ask me. Poor Patchy is so gullible and trusting, ah, it’s just begging to be exploited in a light-hearted way hehe! He never like, bullies her mean-spirited or anything. As you guys can see this sexy scarecrow is pretty much ok with how this outcome came out for her. And obviously Hero is far from displeased with it as well!

I really like drawing this sexy scarecrow, Patchy is so adorable. I’ve drawn some other stuff with her but I need to get around to uploading it sometime. She’s a good girl and she deserves all the attention I can give her. Canonically she’s one of the many monster girls who live on Bella’s farm. She’s not the best at her job of being a scarecrow, but nobody’s perfect! I hope you all liked this sexy short hentai comic my monster girl loving friends!

This short comic was colored by DallyDonut


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