Here it is my friends, a Minotaur Sexdex for you!

Can’t end Bella’s minicomic without an appropriate minotaur sexdex now can I? With that being said, here’s a sexy pic of Bella including all that juicy lore I know you want so badly! I’m always happy that my comic gets just as many lore enthusiasts as it does readers who stay just for the sexy monster girl porn. You guys should know me by now, I’m happy with any readers I get! Readers are what make me happy- and pay my bills. But hey, someone has to! Need money in order to keep providing you with all that sexy monster girl content you all love and want so bad.

I’m in a good mood today, in talks with a friend who wants to start supplying me with advertisement money to increase the readership of MHFAP!. By the sounds of it, this should be pretty damn big for my comic and I can’t wait to start advertising again! Then even more people will see my beautiful, sexy monster girls. Which I am more than ok with haha. I’m almost done updating the site, woo! Which would be a big deal except tomorrow I’m all done drawing Chapter 2.2 starring Proteah the Mantis… meaning I’ll just have a new group of 7 pages to update and write blogs about… rip, this never gets any easier does it? Not until the day I can hire someone to write awesome SEO enriched blogs for my site lol. So yeah, stay tuned because chapter 2.2 is coming extremely soon and it’s going to be real sexy and funny as always~!

Please enjoy this fun, lorefilled minotaur sexdex~


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