One more page until the sex scene starts! It’s almost time!!

Got the page done for today! Would have been done faster but jesus my neck is acting up badly ever since I hurt it stretching about two days ago. I might need to relax or something… no more work for tonight at any rate. I was supposed to relax it yesterday but I got bored and stopped. Bad habit. This time I’ll actually rest myself to avoid damage. Thankfully tomorrow’s page should be much easier to draw, much faster! Gotta love how sex scenes have lots of closeups hehe.

I bet you’ve all been waiting for what’s finally about to happen! Some of you have seen the layouts for the rest of the chapter. Some of you haven’t. But I do hope you enjoy everything I have in store regarding these two’s first times! It’ll be a mix of everything. Cute. Hot as fuck. Sexy. Awkward. Romantic. Everything in between! And it should give you a pretty good look into their characters as well. I’m really excited to finally be drawing it!

I hope everyone’s been enjoying the more Pastel and fun colors I’ve been using for the backgrounds of MHFAP! as of the last two pages. I want MHFAP! to be a very fun and saturated comic to empasize the cartoony nature of it.

Also, about amnesia… the hero DOES have some amnesia… but he’s hesitant to admit it. Why? It’s a joke at myself since my last comic hinged around an amnesiac boy and it was convoluted to say the least. So the point is the Hero does have amnesia but that’s not important to the story!

I drew Tali and Rizl together in a meme shirt, make sure you check it out!


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