Another new ahegao manga, this time with an incredibly sexy hot threesome!

You guys know me by now- I love drawing hot threesomes and typically any kind of ahegao manga! I must admit I do so love it. So in this pic we got the double trouble makers, Asami the Kitsune and her partner/caretaker Tomoko the Tanuki. These two sexy monster girls are lovers but as you can see Asami’s horribly personality leaves a lot to be desired so Tomoko is often treated rather rudely. But that’s ok, Hero isn’t going to let the bratty fox control the pace of this hot threesome leading to a typical ahegao manga situation! Heh, he just kinda does what he wants and makes sure all parties come off satisfied. Plus, Asami gets off on being treated this way in all honesty. She’s the type who needs a good spanking and then won’t admit to it despite how much she likes it! Just what happens to tsunderes in all sorts of ahegao manga. We all know how it is.

I remember back when I used to think drawing hot threesomes was hard. I’ve come a long way since chapter 2 where I drew my first hot threesome between Tali, Futura and our Hero. It seemed really hard at the time but I think I’ve grown significantly more used to it now. Probably thanks to all the sexy comics and ahegao manga I draw. Guess I’ll have to work my way up to drawing foursomes next, now that Rizl has joined the main cast of characters! And the number will just keep slowly rising from here hehe! But for now I’m content to draw hot threesomes, because damn are they sexy. Tomoko in particular was very fun to draw this page. I love her big plump body. I’m not hugely into bbw, she’s about as chubby as I go, but when it’s just the right amount damn is it not fine! Thanks for tuning in my ahegao manga loving addicts, I hope you’ll join me next time for more hot threesomes and other sexy stuff.

Asami and Tomoko are MHFAP! OCs owned by my good friend Sera

This short comic was colored by DallyDonut


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