Like always, enjoy some adorable monster girl shenanigans with Tali!

Well I dropped the ball on uploading this page. I completely forgot to put it here on the site and it’s been uploaded elsewhere beforehand! I don’t usually make mistakes like this but it slipped my mind. Probably because I’m working on an absurd amount of MHFAP! content all at once right now. So many OCs to make for customers while also drawing the actual comic. The good news is that the next scene, pages 5-9 is almost fully done and I am almost done sketching pages 10-15 which is a really hot sex scene! Look no further, you want adorable monster girl hentai and I got you covered! I’m feeling super shitty today though as I could sleep for some reason last night. I’m doing good enough to get a lot more drawing done though!

MHFAP! is coming along very nicely and I’m glad to be riding this hentai train and having such warm reactions to my monster girl magnum opus. I need to try and upload more of the art I’ve been doing on the site here. It’s just that writing copy for my uploads is a little time intensive in order to write blogs that easily show up with Google SEO, but maybe I can get myself into the habit… It’s annoying but I really do need to improve on it. I want my monster girl hentai works to get much more exposure so putting time into uploading my stuff here on my site, which is supposed to be my main hub of activity, is very important.

Not to brag about myself or anything but it’s also annoying to keep up with because I just make sooooo much content… keeping on top of all the hentai and I make can be a headache. I usually post it to all my sites at once using a thing called PostyBirb but it’s much more intensive posting here since I gotta write a whole lot about the art I’m uploading! Hentai is such a serious business, I swear…


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