Thus End’s Floaty’s Intro Arc and the Beginning of Harem Life!

Well. I did not predict such an astronomically positive response to Floaty. I mean, I knew people would like her. I’m confident in my writing and my character design, but people *really* latched on to her!! This page was not even supposed to be taken so seriously- she’ll be back. This was just making fun of character of the day shit. While you’re here allow me to explain a bit about Floaty’s origins as a character.

Thought I’d drop some of the deepest IRL lore I have for you guys and explain a bit about Floaty’s origins as a character. As you guys know I make MHFAP! OCs and sell them to my fans. Floaty was an adoptable, a format I sadly don’t get to do too often because of all the people bothering me for custom ones. The original design of Floaty was… not my best. But I made some extra art of her to hype her up and increase her price. Still didn’t sell. But oddly enough, she became very popular because a close up of her face became pretty much the most used emote on my discord server, :floatydurr:

Due to the fact that her emote was so popular and was so versatile and loved, and that she remained forever unsold, ‘buy Floaty’ became a recurring meme in the server. Yet no one ever did. One day about 5 months ago said fuck it and decided to do something radical in secret without telling anyone. I fully redesigned Floaty from the ground up keeping only the blank look on her face and changing every other aspect besides the general concept of being a green bubble slime ala Dragon Quest.

It was torturous not showing anyone. Only like 5 people knew. I’m very bad at keeping secrets when its something I really, really want to share with my fan base. But the ultimate joke is that now no one can buy Floaty. She’s mine.

This was a collab between me and my assistant, AljuneArt. Go follow him!


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