Yes my friends, the MHFAP Comic is going stronger than ever and it’s time to start a brand new chapter!

We’re finally done posting all of chapter 4, and also posting a lot of extra comics that had been made for my friends! I hope you enjoyed the couple of detour MHFAP comic pages and that they added some sexy variety to all the other comics here. But we are back to the main reason you’re here at my site. The main MHFAP comic returns with an amazing new chapter for you all!

Personally, chapter 5 is most likely my favorite chapter yet. Because I wrote a lot of it in response to my issues with chapter 4, it has a lot more going on it without feeling cramped. There’s a lot of fun sex, comedy, and most importantly character interactions in this chapter. The key to the MHFAP comic is going to be the comedic relationships that my characters grow with each other. You’ll see some subtle dynamics set up in this chapter and you’ll get a feel for how characters are going to act from here on out.

Some people were confused by the title page and it just made me shrug a bit. They are not going to a Vegas casino this chapter. The cover pages for each MHFAP comic chapter are just themed illustrations, you know? They didn’t actually go to a jail in chapter 3 after all. So you gotta try and disassociate the cover pages from what I’m actually going to be drawing in the MHFAP comic itself sometimes. Doesn’t mean I’m against a casino themed setting in the future of MHFAP! but today is not that day! And no future days will be that day either for a very long time heh, I have plans set up far in advance.

Thank you for following my sexy monster girl story, my friends, and enjoy a brand new chapter of the MHFAP comic beginning now!

Characters colored by DallyDonut


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