Can’t have a minotaur hentai scene without lactation!

I admittedly like minotaurs and their lactation ability a lot… though not specifically for the milk aspect of it funnily enough. I mean, I like the milk from lactation too, but it’s more the massaging and sucking her huge tits to make them cum out milk and send her in ecstacy that turns me on a lot more! Hope that doesn’t make me a heretic, as I do still enjoy the, well, lactation part of lactation. But yeah. Here in this page Bella lets out some sexy milk from her huge tits!

I kind of overloaded this page with panels I think. Since the minicomics are only 6 pages that restricts a lot of the space I usually have to work with. A decent attempt at spacing things out, but ultimately eh. It’s still a sexy page don’t get me wrong! Anything with Bella and her sexy minotaur titties are, honestly, but still. I really do enjoy drawing Bella! She’s become a new fan favorite, just as I predicted. Not like cowgirl+huge tits is a ground breaking combination here, but if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! And no, lactation doesn’t count as leaky.

Futura very much acts as the straight man in this comedy dynamic. Even though this minicomic is about Bella, it doubles as a character moment for Futura where we see how she interacts more in the group. She is a real fun little robot and I can’t wait to give you guys a ton of laughs from her, among other things… Enjoy the delicious lactation hentai~


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