Chapter 4 starts way sooner than you were expecting folks!

Yup, production from chapter 3 has already rolled straight over into chapter 4! Chapter 4 is officially started NOW! Bet this is a nice surprise for all you eager fans worried that I might have been leaving you on a cliff hanger for too long right? Nah man I have you covered! Starting with this cover page! The cover for chapter 4 isn’t as big and fancy as the one for chapter 3 was but I figured you guys wouldn’t mind that, more content faster and such. I’ll probably do a more fun one for chapter 5, presumably, but don’t hold me to that just yet! No telling what the future holds in this wild world of monster girl hentai.

Today has been a good day mostly, I’m in talks with some friends of mine who are going to help me write articles for the site. Doing this will help me post more of the supplemental material I have yet to share here. So it’ll be good for the site’s readers as well as the site’s visibility. You know how it goes. I need more readers to be hyped for chapter 4! What a great chapter this is gonna be. I can scarcely wait to share everything with you guys, it’s gonna be full of all kinds of action like you wouldn’t believe! So naturally with this chapter 4 cover I had to draw Kitoto and give her a little bit of a close up so you can see her design front and center a bit less obscured by snow. I hope everyone likes her! She’s a pretty major character even if it’s in a different way than the rest of the main cast so far. But you guys will just have to see how it turns out from here and watch Kitoto’s development alongside the rest of the main characters!

Here’s to a successful chapter 4 of MHFAP!

Characters are colored by DallyDonut
Landscapes are colored by Fleoa


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