Alliteration’s always awesome.

In order to make everyone’s wanted poster just a bit snappier I wanted to include alliterative epithets to show how wordy I am. Speaking of wordy, another fit for Tali could have been Bad Birdy, but think Filthy Fowl sums up (the Erinyes’s perception of) her best haha. The sheer innacuracy of this one is comical, and partly why Tali was making such a devestated expression in the first place. I mean she’s terrified of being a wanted criminal yeah but… they say some pretty nasty stuff about her in this one! I feel like maybe I should have exaggerated the ‘evilness’ of Tali here to portray that the Erinyes believe her to be a manic depressive schizoid, but I’m also fine with the poster being cute and meek as it is now to portray her default persona in their eyes. Plus if I made her really evil and exaggerated looking I feel like that would have drwn away some of the impact of Hero’s poster being as over the top as it is.

Again, like all of their current bounties hers is pretty low- being the third highest currently. Whether she’s being slept on by the Erinyes, though, remains to be seen. Plenty of time for those numbers to climb! Though I’m sure we all know that getting her bounty higher is the absolute last thing that the Filthy Fowl would remotely want. Tali is definitely going to have an anxiety attack and require numerous head pats shortly following the last page of chapter 5… but that’s ok, as Hero is probably jumping straight on that task hehe.

Overall I’m pretty happy with this poster. It’s not my favorite art-wise but the text is great to me, and I think I did a good job with that aspect of it!

Here’s a link to Hero’s wanted poster if you missed it!


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