And now we see the close up on our kobold girl Rizl!

Sorry for the delay. I have been busy lately trying to get caught up in a lot of different stuff. I’ve been making more sexy monster girl hentai comics, sure, but I’ve also been trying to expand my audience in new exciting ways. Or maybe not so exciting, honestly, as twitter marketing can be a pretty hefty chore at times… but still, gotta make people see my free hentai comics somehow don’t I? Been reaching out more and more to new people on twitter while trying to get them to check out my content. Been going pretty well. Of course I’ve only been doing this at night after I’ve drawn for most of the day.

Oh, a big thing that I was working on was a massive 28 page lore document for the Erinyes. If you want to learn all about the different monster girls that make up the law enforcement in the world of MHFAP!, then give that document a read! It’s a massive lore dump and you’ll learn so much from it. Not to mention I put a ton of work into it and it’d make me feel good if you read it.

And lastly of note is that I have been actually streaming my art again. Yeah. So if you want to go on over to my Picarto account and give me a follow so that it’ll tell you the next time I go live, you could make it in time to see some MHFAP! content getting drawn! I would really appreciate more followers, I was expecting more since this is my grand return to streaming but guess I gotta keep working to get more regular views. Not that working hard has ever stopped me before!


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